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Why I Love Oversized Sofas ... And You Should Too!

Dec 21, 2015
Why I Love Oversized Sofas ... And You Should Too!

From food to vehicles, everything seems to be supersized these days. It's no wonder why many Americans are trying to take a break from this "go big or go home" mentality by trading in their large houses for smaller spaces or simply learning to live with less. While the oversized trend is often unnecessary, there are times when it makes sense to splurge on the bigger model. Oversized sofas, for example, can be a practical addition to your home if the circumstances are right. Here are just six reasons why I love these larger sofas, and you might too.

1. Oversized sofas are great for larger families

You love your family, but that doesn't mean you want to feel cramped sitting next to them on movie night. An oversized sofa (or sectional) can provide more space for seating, allowing your family to feel more comfortable while enjoying the show.

2. They come in many different styles

When you hear the word oversized, you might picture a plump casual-style couch with exaggerated features. A larger sofa, however, doesn't necessarily mean casual. You can easily find oversized furniture in sleek contemporary styles if that's the look you prefer. Large sofas come in a wide range of styles, helping you select the perfect complement to your living room's design.

3. Larger furniture means you can buy bigger throw pillows

Tiny throw pillows look cute, but how many times while trying to get cozy have you wished they were slightly larger? The bigger pillows you prefer don't look out of place on a larger sofa, ensuring you get to enjoy the comfort you crave. Stretch out to take a luxurious nap on your oversized sofa and pillows on any lazy afternoon.

4. Deep seating is great for tall people

Some oversized sofas have more seat depth, which is perfect if you're a tall person looking for a more comfortable couch. Deep seating allows you to lounge properly, which is essential when you're trying to relax at home.

If deep seating isn't what you need, don't worry. Large sofas are oversized in different ways. Some have deep seating, while others feature more width for additional seating. Look for the sofa that best matches your needs.

5. You could potentially maximize space

You wouldn't think that an oversized sofa could do much to save space in your home, but that depends. If one large couch eliminates a need to bring in extra chairs or a loveseat, then you could potentially create a less crowded room.

6. They're simply more comfortable

From additional seating to larger throw pillows, oversized sofas let you enjoy maximum comfort. Consider bringing one into your home so you can kick your lounging experience up a notch.

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