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How To Choose A Living Room Set For Your Tiny Apartment

Dec 08, 2015
How To Choose A Living Room Set For Your Tiny Apartment

Live in a tiny apartment? Selecting the right seats for a small space can be tricky. While you want to have plenty of cushions where your family and friends can sit, it's also important that your furniture doesn't create a cramped look. Here are five tips to help you pick out living room furniture that provides seating without crowding your space.

1. Select light-colored upholstery

Choosing lighter colors for both your wall and furniture creates the illusion of a more open space. Pale, warm neutrals are a great way to give your living room a welcoming and airy appearance. You can then incorporate bright, bold colors when you choose accessories.

2. Look for smaller-scale designs

Many stylish furniture designs are built specifically for small apartments like yours. The small-scale designs allow you to have that plump sofa you want, as well as a chair or two, without the furniture taking up your whole living room.

3. Consider a sectional

People often assume that because they are larger in size, sectionals don't work well in tinier apartments. They can, however, be the perfect solution. With a small-scale sectional, you can bring more seating into the living room, all while maximizing space and opening up the room for tables and accessories.

4. Go armless

If plush arms aren't a must-have, consider going without them altogether. Armless furniture designs are less bulky and thus effortlessly fit in with your space. Plus, the contemporary styling of an armless seat will add a sleek look to your space.

5. Outfit your space with a cozy ottoman

Ottomans are a smart addition to any tiny home. Their small form makes it easy for you to fit an ottoman in with your existing furniture. And because of their multi-purpose design, you can easily use your cozy ottoman as an extra seat when company arrives.

Don't let a small space get in the way of your ability to design a stylish and functional living room. With these five simple tricks, you can add an ample amount of seating to the living room without cramping the area.

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