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Custom Furniture in Charlotte, NC

For more than 20 years people all over the U.S. have been buying our high-quality, American-made custom upholstered furniture online. We hope all our customers feel good about our furniture's exceptional craftsmanship as well as the fact that they are buying a product that was made in America. Brothers Darrin and Jeff King are co-owners, making us a family-owned business.We truly believe in what we do. And for our customers in Charlotte, NC, there's even more reason to take pride in supporting our business.

Furniture Charlotte NC

Club Furniture's headquarters are located in Charlotte, NC. We don't have a physical showroom, so those of you who live near our headquarters will have the same experience as all our customers do. You'll find an enormous selection of top tier furniture on our website, as well as friendly customer service. Your order will arrive by our in-home delivery service for no extra charge. However, our local customers also have the satisfaction of knowing that you're supporting a locally owned and operated business.  

Support Charlotte, North Carolina by Buying Local Furniture

We are proud of what we've built at Club Furniture. Our furniture is handcrafted of the finest materials, and we carry an impressive range of styles. You can customize your furniture with our many upholstery choices, finishes, and trim options. All of this comes with the knowledge that you're supporting a local company. We live, play, and work in the same community as our neighbors here in Charlotte. When you choose Club Furniture over a big-box furniture store you're not only getting higher quality furniture, but you're also investing in your hometown. We are dedicated to doing our part by offering quality custom upholstered furniture made right here at home, in North Carolina and at our other Southeastern US plants. By supporting hundreds of US manufacturing, warehousing and shipping jobs, we are helping to keep our American workforce employed.

Take a look at all the choices we have to offer. Our “Made in America” custom upholstered products are backed by one of the best warranties in the industry; materials, craftsmanship and quality of the highest standards; savings up to 40% and knowledgeable professionals offering impeccable customer service with white glove in-home delivery that is second to none, We stand behind all our products with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so you're sure to love what you pick. We strive to make all of our customers happy, not only because we care about keeping your business, but because it's what any good neighbor would do. 


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