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Leather Footstools

A leather footstool is a classic choice in home design for a reason. Elegant and timeless, it's a great way to add style to any decor. There’s nothing better than kicking back and relaxing at the end of a long day. Leather footstools offer the perfect spot to put your feet up and enjoy your evenings. Whether you are looking for an ornate footstool to pair with your favorite wingback chair, a contemporary footstool that will look great in your family room, or a leather storage footrest, we have the perfect solution for any home!

An Accent for Any Room

You probably associate leather footrests with a traditional look, and there are lots of great choices to fit that look, but this adaptable piece can also fit with other kinds of decor. Depending on the style, a leather footstool can be soft and cozy, or sleek and modern. They can be tufted, simple, ornate, or studded with classic nail trim. The right style brings together the look of a room, as well as providing a comfortable place to prop your feet. A sturdy footstool also provides extra seating in a pinch.

Leather Footstools Pair Well With Other Furniture

There's no reason to restrict the styling of a leather footstool, keeping it paired with a matching armchair. While that's a great, classic look, there are plenty of other great places for them. For the most cohesive look, it should match or accent the color and style of the other furniture in the room, then you can play around with where you want it to be. It can complement club chairs, sofas, and even leather recliners, giving you the option of moving it so it can be used as a side table when the chair is fully reclined. 

All the styling options make leather footrests a great choice for living rooms and offices. They can double as a coffee table and some styles offer the bonus of extra storage. 

Quality Material

A footstool sees a lot of use, whether it's being used as a footrest, seating, or a coffee table. It needs to be sturdy and made of leather that can withstand the wear. We use top-grain leather that is durable and soft, for a footstool that will keep its great look. Most of our footstools are available in 30 different colors that resist fading. And like all of our furniture, our footstools are handcrafted in America of the highest quality materials.

Take a look at the many styles of large and small leather footstools we have to offer. With our 30-day in-home trial, you can be confident that you'll only live with a footrest you love. Check out the full collection today, and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding our products.

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