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Commercial Furniture

Welcome to Club Furniture, your source for a variety of custom furniture including commercial, hospitality, boutique hotel and contract furniture. Our cutting-edge designs are available at a discount and in C.O.M. for architects, interior designers, boutique hotels and multi-location commercial companies. Our low overhead allows us to offer unique and custom leather, fabric and slipcovered commercial sofas, sleeper sofas, benches, setees, lounge chairs, recliners and upholstered beds at incredible factory direct savings. We're more than just a convenient source for stylish and affordable furniture. With our commitment to creating custom pieces tailored specifically for commercial spaces and boutique hotels, we're truly revolutionizing the hospitality industry. By offering a wide range of customization options, including materials, colors, and sizes, we allow boutique hotels, bars, restaurants, resorts and other large commercial spaces to create unique and personalized spaces that reflect their brand and style. From sleek and modern pieces to elegant and timeless designs, our custom furniture options are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests and enhance their overall experience. With our dedication to quality and innovation, we are quickly becoming a go-to destination for commercial space owners looking to elevate their interiors and provide guests with an unforgettable experience. Simply click on the orange link below to review our incredible selection of contract furniture (this is just a sampling of what we offer, the possibilities are endless) and call Darrin King Toll-Free at 1-888-378-8383 Ext. 201 for a custom quote....

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Contract Furniture

If you are just beginning to design your business, or you're in the process of remodeling, furniture is an important part of the look and function of your commercial space. In any gathering place, whether it's a restaurant, bar, pub, lounge, or hotel, guests are drawn to a welcoming place to relax. The right furniture is stylish, comfortable, and sturdy, creating a space where people want to stay. That welcoming atmosphere can be a key component in the success of your business.

We make commercial furniture that is suitable for general purpose use, or we can help you find the perfect pieces to meet your specific needs in your space. We offer high-end furniture in many different styles to suit any space. The solid craftsmanship of our pieces makes them able to withstand heavy use, while the extraordinary quality means they provide comfortable and inviting seating or lounging areas. From leather sofas to fabric accent chairs and everything in between, we have something suitable for every space and style.

Luxury Boutique Hotel Furniture

A boutique hotel has to be able to welcome many different people and offer each one a comfortable place to rest. Because of the high volume of visitors that use a hotel room and the heavy traffic in areas such as the lobby, bar, or restaurant, this furniture must stand up to a lot of use. And yet it's important not to compromise on how the furniture feels, so you can still offer guests cozy areas to sit and relax.

Customizing your lobby with stylish seating arrangements will give your boutique hotel the kind of charm and touch of luxury that is often missing from public spaces. Similarly, a hotel room can become a restful sanctuary with the right beds, side tables, and a welcoming loveseat, chair or sleeper sofa for extra room. We offer an unmatched selection of luxury fabric, leather and slipcovered beds that will bring style and comfort to any room. High-quality furniture that is made to exacting standards can stand up to a great deal of wear, while still creating the comfortable atmosphere your visitors are looking for. Style, when married with comfort and uncompromisingly high standards, will give your guests the hotel experience they are looking for.

You'll find our attractive commercial furniture in cigar bars, coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, museums, malls, lobbies, government buildings, resorts and boutique hotels throughout the United States. Our beautiful yet durable custom furniture has also been featured on popular home design and television game shows. Our contract furniture is ideal for outfitting any public area since it's highly durable and designed to conform to the specific needs of each client. Our varied customization options are why so many companies choose our high-quality custom-built products over competitors "one size fits all" pieces. We off a wide variety of furniture styles, materials and colors to match any decor. Browse our entire line of custom furniture online at your convenience and enjoy shopping without high-pressure sales representatives.

Contact us to enjoy personalized service on your next commercial or hospitality furniture project by calling Darrin King Toll-Free at 1-888-378-8383 Ext. 201 for a custom quote.

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