Leather Recliners

Nothing is more relaxing than sinking into a deep, inviting top grain leather recliner. At Club Furniture, we understand how important it is to unwind at the end of a busy day or to be able to prop up swollen feet comfortably. Reclining chairs have replaced the old-fashioned father’s and mother’s wing chair that used to be fixtures in the American living room. Modern American lifestyles value nothing more than watching a sports game on TV from a fully reclined position in your own living room or family room. Do you want to catch a movie in as much comfort as you would in a luxury theater while enjoying your fireplace or view? That's why we've put together a superior collection of luxury leather recliners that keep you comfy without sacrificing style. Our models appeal to all ages and satisfy all style genres. We don't use leather splits, bi-cast, vinyl or bonded leather in any of our domestically built furniture. All of our motion chairs are 100% top-grain leather and feature either a manual tempered steel reclining mechanism or an electric power assist reclining option.


Rex Bustle Back Leather Recliner


Halifax Tufted Leather Recliner