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Tan Leather Recliners

A tan leather recliner chair is a piece of furniture that fits seamlessly in just about any decor with luxurious comfort and high-end style. You may think the style of your home is too casual or too modern for this look, but this reclining chair is the chameleon of furniture. There are styles and shades for every home. These recliner chairs are also easy to style with pillows and throws, tying the room together for a polished look. In fact, they look so great that no one needs to know that the real reason you want one is for the unmatched comfort of putting your feet back and sinking into buttery soft leather after a long day.

Styles of Tan Leather Recliners

The look that is most often associated with leather chairs is a masculine, ultra-luxe club style. You can certainly find that kind of recliner, in a wide, substantial form. We also carry traditional chairs, with rolled arms and nailhead trim that would look elegant in a more formal setting. If you prefer a modern look, choose a recliner chair with clean, simple lines and a square back. It may look spare, but it will recline to provide you with just as much relaxed comfort as softer looking styles. 

Like all our furniture products, our leather recliners are available in many color options. When choosing the right tan or light brown shade for your recliner chair, you'll want to consider the palette of the rest of the room. Tan is a versatile neutral that works with many colors. Match the shade to the rest of the room for a subtle look, selecting a light tan to accompany pale shades. To fit in with vibrant colors, opt for a darker shade or even a light brown recliner. 

How to Style Recliner Chairs

Since leather recliners are so adaptable and comfortable, it's worthwhile to consider different places in your home to tuck a leather recliner. These chairs make a natural pairing in a seating area in a living room or den. But don't overlook other places you could use some comfortable seating. A recliner in the bedroom is an extra cozy look, especially with a soft throw. A sunny nook that isn't big enough for a loveseat or sofa is a great place to put a recliner chair, with a side table and lamp - a perfect reading spot. 

People sometimes hesitate to mix leather and fabric upholstery, but if the styles and colors match well it makes a great pairing. Differences in textures can bring visual interest, especially to more uniform color schemes. It can also break up a look in an interesting way to add a contrasting style to a room. Soften a very modern look with a casual, tan leather chair or bring order to a cottage look with a formal, structured recliner chair.

Tan is a reliable neutral, so it works with almost any color. A deep, rich tan looks particularly masculine and striking with black pieces, and pale tan is elegant in a light color palette. If you're more interested in keeping the room's focus on other colors, be sure the shade of tan is close to those colors and add a throw or pillow to give the room a cohesive look. A side table provides a handy place to set a drink or a book, making it a visual invitation to relax, emphasizing the elegant comfort of leather recliners.

A tan leather recliner chair is a great choice to add polish and comfort to any decor. Take a look at our selection of products available in a wide range of colors. When choosing the right recliner, it's important to pick one that is well made, so the reclining mechanism will work smoothly for years to come. Our leather recliners are also made with buttery, 100% top grain leather. At Club Furniture, we are proud of the exceptional quality of our American made furniture products, and we stand behind it with our 30-day guarantee. 

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