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Red Leather Recliners

When you envision the piece you want, such as a red leather recliner, you have no doubt envisioned the exact shade of red as well as the style. Club Furniture recommends that you begin the process by requesting free swatches of the materials you are considering. This takes the element of an unwelcome surprise out of the equation. Once you’ve decided on a color, focus on the dimensions of your room and the recliner’s placement. Then set the tone with the design you’re after. The Tyler Leather Square Back Recliner provides a contemporary statement in red. This versatile style could fit just as easily in a mid-century themed room as with any of the current lines. It maintains Club Furniture’s high standard of excellence in the comfort category as well.

We realize it’s not a small decision to invest in custom-made furniture. When you make the commitment, you want the piece you’ve requested to represent your style and personality. You also have expectations that it will be constructed with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Club Furniture has built its A+ reputation on delivering on those expectations for over 20 years.

Each of our recliners begins the construction process with the same careful thought and planning. We start by using kiln-dried hardwood to ensure longevity without warping. Club Furniture then adds our exclusive guaranteed no-sag steel spring system that’s attached to the frame using padded clips for extra support and durability. When you sit on any of our red leather recliners, you will immediately appreciate the luxurious support. It’s achieved by the combination of padding with the proper support, and the smooth texture of the leather’s quality. You may find excuses to take a break. When you do need to clean the cushion cover, simply unzip and remove it. Adjusting the recliner’s positions is a breeze. You may choose to use the manual or the power assist option.

Your red leather recliner will provide you with many years of satisfaction and pride. It represents your style. We are proud to offer both our service and our product. Each piece is created by highly skilled craftspeople at our facility in North Carolina. They are artisans who take pride in the work they do. We’re here to assist you with each step of the process – from your initial questions through white glove delivery.

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