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Black Leather Recliners

Black leather recliners provide iconic luxury and unsurpassed durability. In addition to their opulent look and feel, leather is one of the toughest furniture materials available. Leather is easy to clean, more resistant to wear, tear and stains, and becomes more soft, supple, and inviting with age. Most spills can simply be wiped away with a cloth! A recliner is a staple furniture product for any living room. It's your home base for good conversation with friends, catching up on the latest television show, or even an afternoon nap. That's why it's important that a recliner chair can withhold the fast pace of your life for many years to come. Our black leather recliners are an investment in appearance, comfort, and durability alike.

Black Leather Recliner Styles

When selecting a black leather recliner, consider the desired look and feel of your living room. Are you looking for traditional luxury, sleek modernity, or something in between? For a traditional look, seek out a tufted style, that blends well into a Victorian-style study or city slicker living room. For a modern look, seek out a recliner with polished steel accents and frames. For something in between, try a black leather recliner chair with a pillow back or narrow frame. Once you’ve decided on your style, choose between a manual or power reclining chair.

The glossy luster of black leather will sumptuously accent any color scheme, but you may still wish to consider what shade of leather would suit your room best. Black leather with rich brown undertones provides a more naturalistic look. On The Other Hand, a solid black leather chair provides a more cutting-edge aesthetic. With leather recliners, there's no need to worry about color fading over time. Leather is a natural material that thoroughly absorbs any dye or treatment applied to it. Rather than fading or discoloring with time like fabric furniture does, leather furniture will only grow more opulent with age.

Club Furniture is committed to offering quality craftsmanship at reasonable prices. That's why each of our black leather recliners is thoughtfully designed and handcrafted. Our legendary quality, excellent customer service, exclusive 30-day home trial, and free shipping options help make your order even easier.  Shop our collection of black leather recliner chairs today and find your next napping chair.

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