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Fabric Footstools

Having a place to kick your feet up and unwind at the end of a long day is an amazing feeling. At Club Furniture, we offer a wide selection of fabric footstools and footrests that will help you enjoy the perfect ending to every day. Whether you are in the market for a small footstool to go with your favorite armchair or you are in the market for a multi-functional storage footstool, there are options that are well-suited to every home.

A fabric footstool is a versatile and stylish piece of furniture. It can be a practical piece for a casual setting such as a game room or den, and also a decorative accent piece in living rooms or bedrooms. You can find pieces that are multi-functional and adjustable or find pieces with handy compartments for added storage space.

Customizing the Right Footstool For You

For a polished look, choose a fabric footstool that reflects your home's style and personality. You can create a custom piece by selecting a fabric to match your decor. Microfiber fits a modern look well, for instance, while linen lends itself to a more casual, breezy look. Pick a color that stays within the existing palette of your newly furnished room for a soothing monochrome look, or you can choose a fun accent color that pops. 

To add to the individualized style, consider the impact of different wood elements such as trim and legs, as well as decorative nail heads. Depending on your choices, your footrest will look either more classic or rustic. Spend a few moments considering your home, not just the look, but how you want it to feel. The details make all the difference in creating the atmosphere you want whether in your living room, bedroom or office space. 

Styling a Fabric Footstool

Your custom footrest can not only fit into your decor, but it can also help take your style to the next level. Drape one side with a patterned blanket to add visual interest and create a cozy, welcoming space. A pretty tray with a few elegant accessories placed on top of a footrest is a home decorator's tip to give your room a refined look. With a little planning, a fabric footrest will help you make your home an oasis you will love.

Explore the many options we have available for fabric footstools. If you love the look for a formal living room or you are looking for an elegant piece for your office, we have fabric footstools with ornate legs and nailhead accents. For more modern or contemporary spaces, we also have footstools with the sleek lines and simple styling you love. We also have oversized and pillowtop footstools that are perfect for families. Not only can you choose the fabric, color, and trim to customize your footrest just for you, but you can be confident that your new piece of furniture will be solidly constructed in America. The right piece will brighten your home, and the quality means you will enjoy it for years. Check out our full collection, today!

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