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Slipcovered Accent Chairs

Offering the ultimate in home decor flexibility, slipcovered chairs allow you to change your rooms' look simply by changing a slipcover. All of our chairs are domestically crafted and available in 100 colorful fabrics. Click on any slipcover chair style below for product details, dimensions, color choices and pricing.

Stay up-to-date with the latest living room trends with slipcovered chairs from Club Furniture. Offering the highest level of convenience, these accent pieces can transform any space with a new fabric pattern or color. While a slipcover can add a fresh level of flair, it can be overshadowed by an outdated piece of furniture. Our selection of accent furniture is inspired by high-end designs, offering timeless style for your living room. Many of our accent pieces are designed to fit seamlessly with any type of decor, including contemporary and traditional designs

Slipcovers offer effortless stylish and elegance. With hundreds of colors to choose from, our clients can refresh their living room’s decor easily and conveniently. Our selection of fabric includes:

• Luxurious velvet
• Sleek microfibers
• Canvas
• Linen
• Cobble cloth
• Classic twill
• Specialty blends

All accent chairs are handcrafted in the United States at our own facilities. Whether you are looking to create a pop of color or a demure reading corner, we can help you achieve your desired level of comfort and style.

With slipcovers, your furniture investment is protected. This quality furniture can continue to make statements for years to come. By using slipcovers, you can update your furniture’s look and prevent unnecessary wear and tear. Club Furniture slipcovers are easily applied and removed for ease of cleaning. They are ideal for pet owners, families with small children, and anyone who wants to protect their sofa’s appearance.

A living room with slipcovered accent chairs is always ready to be updated with new colors and patterns. With convenience and flexibility, it’s no wonder why they are a must have for homeowners. From lavender tones to maroon hues, you can outfit your sofa to match your current style. Browse our selection of high quality slipcovers and transform your living room’s appearance with convenient slipcovered accent chairs from Club Furniture.</p>

If you frequently tire of your home décor and want a change, but you don't want to keep purchasing new furniture, this is the perfect solution. Our chairs give you ultimate design flexibility. Simply change the slipcover and you've changed the entire feel of a room. At, we handcraft all of our slipcovered chairs in our North Carolina and Southeastern U.S. facilities, and you can choose from 100 different fabrics and colors. We offer armchairs with rolled arms, track arms or no arms at all. You can choose a glider rocker chair or a swivel slipcover chair.  Our fabrics range from rich, luxurious Euro velvets and microfibers to rugged and more casual cobble cloth and brushed canvas. Browse our slipcovered furnishings for full product information, sizes, color choices and prices.

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