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At Club Furniture, we're proud patriots. With outsourcing to other countries at an all-time high, we believe in keeping hard working Americans employed in our own backyard. That's why we carry a huge selection of American made furniture; we keep Americans on the clock to improve local economies.

We know that when you buy furniture made in the USA, you're not only getting top-quality products you're also contributing to a little girl's dance lessons, a boy's healthy lunch or helping to pay for a kids' college tuition or a mortgage payment. Purchasing American-made furniture ensures that you're supporting hard-working Americans just like you.

We often hear the tagline about buying products that are "Made in the USA", but what does that really mean and why would, or should, we do it? Our founding fathers could have hardly imagined the pride and patriotism our country would embrace from coast to coast, or the inspiration our country would become to millions of people and hundreds of other countries all across the globe. However, from the beginning, they always knew how critical having a manufacturing base within our country was if we were to thrive and prosper as a nation.

Today though, our US manufacturing base continues to be pressured, along with the jobs it supports, moreso than any other time in history. We run record trade deficits and manufacturing jobs seem to disappear daily. The North Carolina furniture industry is no exception, with nearly 1 in 3 related manufacturing jobs lost in the last decade.

Here at we'd like to think we're doing our small part by offering quality upholstered furniture made right here at home by master furniture craftsmen, supporting hundreds of US manufacturing, warehousing and shipping jobs in the process... keeping fellow American workers employed.

Idealistic? Perhaps... especially if we were asking you to purchase from us simply for the "Made in the USA" products we proudly offer. Back that with one of the best warranties in the industry; the highest quality materials, superior craftsmanship standards; incredible "factory direct" savings and knowledgeable professionals offering impeccable customer service with Free white glove in-home delivery, and you will soon see why is your clear choice. Add beauty and comfort to your home while proudly spending in country, for country to keep America working. Order your American made living room furniture today!

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