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Tips for Arranging Living Room Furniture

May 28, 2024
Tips for Arranging Living Room Furniture

Arranging the furniture in any space can be a daunting task. When it comes to living room furniture, it can feel near impossible. You want the layout to match your personal style and be pleasing to the eye while still providing the practicality for what you and your family do in that particular room. It’s for this reason that many interior design professionals suggest opting for the tried-and-true classics. Here are just a few ideas:


If you’re dealing with one of those awkward spaces, chances are good that an L-shaped arrangement will solve the issue. Consider placing the sofa on the longest wall first and position the television across from it (if possible). Then, create an L-shape with the loveseat, recliners, or chairs. Fill in with coffee and end tables.


A symmetrical layout is more so for a formal living room, as it serves as a sitting or conversation space — with little thought for where someone might watch TV. This arrangement is just as it sounds: two sofas facing one another, a sofa and two chairs on opposite sides of the room, and so on. In fact, a sofa with two chairs on either side is also considered a symmetrical layout. It’s all about creating a visual balance in the room.


A floating layout is often used in relatively large rooms, as it wouldn’t be as aesthetically pleasing to see every piece of furniture shoved up against the wall. The sofa would be a few feet from the wall, with maybe a console table flanking the back. Then, you may position the loveseat or chairs (also away from the wall) directly across from the sofa — separated by a coffee table — to create a bit of balance in the space.

Focal point

With this type of living room arrangement, the layout starts with the focal point of the room. That focal point could be a fireplace, outside view, artwork, television, or any combination of those elements. From there, orient the sofa toward the main point of interest in the room and arrange any secondary pieces (i.e., loveseat, recliners, chairs, end tables, etc.) around it. Just think about what you want to take center stage in the room. As with anything that comes to decorating a space, it must first work for you and your lifestyle before the aesthetics come in. Play around and have fun.

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