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5 Amazing Advantage Of Sleeper Sofas

Dec 01, 2015
5 Amazing Advantage Of Sleeper Sofas

If you believe the most practical furniture designs are often the least stylish, it's time you became familiar with the incredible benefits of sleeper sofas. With wide-ranging styles, sleeper sofas can be just as fun, elegant, comfy and sharp as a regular sofa. Unlike traditional couches, however, sleeper sofas provide additional benefits to make them the smarter solution for your space. Learn more about the advantages of sofa beds, and why they're a good fit for any home.

1. The dual-purpose design saves space

Even if you don't have a spare room, guests can still stay over for the night if you have a sleeper sofa. Simply fold out the bed in your living room when friends and family arrive. If you do have a spare room, take advantage of this opportunity to design a crafting space or home office, or even put together that workout room you've always wanted!

2. They provide a comfortable place to sleep

Most of us have experienced sleeping on an air mattress or futon, and most of us tossed and turned throughout the night. Unlike blow-up beds and other alternatives, the mattress on our sleeper sofas are actually comfortable. When loved ones stay for the weekend, they'll wake up feeling refreshed each morning.

3. Sofa sleepers feature a discreet design

The discreet design ensures the sleeper sofa's hidden bed feature isn't obvious to guests. Family and friends will be amazed the first time you pull out their comfy bed for the night. Those who don't spend the night will never know that your sophisticated sofa was actually a bed all along!

4. There are many upholstery options to consider

Sleeper sofas may not be as common as traditional couches, but that doesn't mean there still isn't a diverse selection to choose from. Whether you love soft versatile fabrics like microfiber, plush upholstery such as velvet or the elegant look of leather, you can find a sleeper sofa you'll love.

5. You'll save money

With a sleeper sofa, you get two pieces of furniture for the price of one. Plus, having a sleeper sofa means you won't have to put money toward decorating and furnishing a guest room.

With so many great advantages, sleeper sofas are a smart choice for any size and style of home. At Club furniture, we build our sleeper sofas with a top-quality mattress and materials. Consider bringing the benefits of a sofa bed into your home today. Shop our selection of sleeper sofas now!


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