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Why Upholstered Headboards Are The Better Choice For Your Bed

Nov 24, 2015
Why Upholstered Headboards Are The Better Choice For Your Bed
When you walk into your bedroom, does the design seem off? Maybe incomplete? A stylish headboard can create a strong focal point in your room, helping you put together the finished look you desire. Not all headboards are created equally, however, and some provide more functionality than others. Upholstered headboards, for example, are both a practical and beautiful solution for your space. Here are just three reasons to tie your bedroom's design together with an upholstered headboard.

1. Upholstered headboards provide a soft backrest

Headboards are a stylish addition to your home, but they can also be a comfortable feature in the bedroom as well. Fabric upholstered headboards that have cushioning make it easy for you to prop up when reading or watching TV. And unlike other materials, such as wood or metal, a soft fabric won't have your back aching the next day. If you want to maximize comfort, consider a plush fabric like velvet.

2. There are many different styles and designs to choose from

With so many options available, upholstered headboards can help you create any style you prefer ranging from glamorous to modern. Design a luxurious look with a wing-style headboard in a rich color and featuring a tufted design. Update your contemporary space with a curved leather headboard that's sophisticated and warm. For a very simple style, choose a design featuring clean lines, neutral color and a simple fabric such as linen.

3. You can design a cozier style for the bedroom

It's important you feel comfortable in your bedroom. After all, it's where you go to relax and rejuvenate! When it comes to headboards, there's no question fabric is the coziest option. If your bedroom is lacking in warmth and comfort, a new headboard is all you need to create that snug look you love.

Every time you walk into the bedroom, you should feel satisfied and happy with the look you've created. If that's not the case, consider an upholstered headboard to improve your space. This simple trick makes a big difference and it can be the final puzzle piece that completes your interior design.

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