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Mad Men Is Over But Mid-Century Modern Is Still In

Dec 29, 2015
Mad Men Is Over But Mid-Century Modern Is Still In

Mad Men's final episode aired May 17, 2015, but the critically acclaimed show's influence still lives on, at least it does in the interior design industry. Set in the 1960s, the AMC show revived mid-century modern design, which had faded out in previous generations, and brought it back into people's homes. Even after seven full seasons, the sophisticated, sharp and eye-catching style portrayed on Mad Men remains as popular as ever.

If you fell in love with the clean lines, minimalist decor and eye-catching graphics weaved into the set of Mad Men like I did, you can incorporate elements of the style into your own space. These five design characteristics will help you better understand the style, and teach you what to look for in furniture and accessories.

Clean lines and simple forms

The ornate details and carvings found in traditional furniture would look very out of place in a mid-century modern home. The Mad Men look requires a more straightforward design, using furniture pieces that have pure forms and simple, clean lines. Unlike ultra-modern spaces, the mid-century versions welcome curves to ensure your home has a warm, welcoming appearance.

Natural hues paired with bold colors

The mid-century modern style is striking, partly because of its use of colors. Neutrals often make up the majority of each room, but bold colors mixed in here and there prevent the standard shades from seeming boring. A great way to add pops of color is to hang up bright pieces of wall art.

Statement pieces

Mid-century modern is a fairly minimalist style, which means you have to make an impact with fewer accessories. Eye-catching pendants are often used to create a striking look. Interesting wall decor is another way to transform a room without crowding your space.

Sunburst mirrors

Sunburst mirrors are a mid-century modern staple. Consider hanging one above the fireplace mantel or in an area of the living room where you want visitors to look. The stand-out "sun beams" demand your attention as soon as you walk into the room.

Graphic wallpaper

You hear the word "wallpaper" and you might picture the floral nightmare that was adorning your grandmother's walls. But mid-century modern wallpaper features graphic prints to serve as a contemporary interior accessory. Another trick to prevent your home from looking dated is to hang the paper only on one wall.

You don't have to watch reruns of Mad Men to fawn over the incredible interiors. Use these five style trends to bring the mid-century modern look into your own home!

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