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Only Have 80 Inches Of Space Or Less? An Apartment Sofa Is For You

Jan 05, 2016
Only Have 80 Inches Of Space Or Less? An Apartment Sofa Is For You
If you live in a small apartment, you know better than anyone how easily a space can become crowded and uncomfortable. More than likely, you've adapted and learned to live with less stuff. You may have even come up with a clever space-saving trick or two to get more out of what limited room you have. But you don't have to sacrifice a comfortable home to prevent it from feeling cramped. One strategy you haven't tried? An apartment sofa.

Even if you live in a tiny studio with only 80 inches of space to spare for furniture, you can still have that luxurious sofa you desire. Apartment sofas are specifically designed for smaller apartments and living rooms, and while smaller in size, these space-saving couches don't hold back on style and comfort.

Whether you like a leather-covered sofa or a couch done up in fabric, you can find small-scale furniture to match. Apartment sofas come in a wide range of styles, including contemporary and transitional, to enhance your interior design. You can even find apartment-sized sleeper sofas, which maximize the space in studios by eliminating any need for a bed. If you have a one-bedroom apartment, consider a sleeper sofa to turn your living area into a guest room when company comes to stay.

Who says a small space has to be crowded? With the right furniture in place, you can design a home that feels both spacious and comfortable.

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