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Why Families And Designers All Love Slipcovered Furniture

Mar 01, 2016
Why Families And Designers All Love Slipcovered Furniture
What does the word slipcover mean to you? If you think a slipcover is nothing more than a last-ditch effort to save some money before you break down and replace a worn sofa, think again! At Club Furniture, a slipcover is a way for families to keep the comfortable, elegant, quality sofa they love while still creating a whole new look.

We don't treat slipcovers as an after-thought added to cover up something ugly, but as a way to further beautify an already great piece of furniture and make it even more useful. We offer a range of couches, sectionals and chairs designed with fully removable, custom-made slip covers. Our slipcovers are surged to prevent fraying, and they're zippered so keeping them in place is as easy as removing them.

Designers and families alike love the versatility and longevity slipcovers deliver. If a spill or other stain mars the fabric of your slipcovered sofa, you can simply remove the slipcover and launder it according to the manufacturer directions. Your upholstery will look good as new for years after you bring a slipcovered design into your home.

Could you buy an after-market slipcover to extend the useful life of a lesser-quality piece of furniture? Of course! But buying a sofa, chair or sectional made with a removable slipcover ensures you'll get the best look and the finest quality without the hassles of fitting and placement associated with after-market slipcovers. Plus, a slipcovered piece is an investment in your future decorating choices - one that can save you money in the long run and ensure you never have to give up a quality sofa, sectional or chair that your family already loves!

Check out our wide selection of slipcovered furniture to find the perfect piece to fit your current decor, as well as the flexibility to keep the sofa you love when your needs or decorating decisions change down the road.

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