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How To Choose The Best Arm Chair For Your Small Space

Mar 08, 2016
How To Choose The Best Arm Chair For Your Small Space

Think of arm chairs as pieces of jewelry. Just like a bold necklace or shimmering earrings can jazz up an outfit, an accent chair featuring an eye-catching pattern or striking color takes your room's design to the next level. Even with a small space, you can use an arm chair to complete your setup and incorporate a little bit of that wow factor into the living room. The trick is to find an accent chair that doesn't leave your home feeling crowded. Follow these four tips to narrow down your selection and choose the design that fits best in your interior.

Look for long legs

Chairs that show space underneath the seat make your room appear more open, rather than cramped. Many of today's contemporary and modern designs have long legs, making them perfectly suited for your small home.

Try track arms

Streamlined designs and simpler forms take up less space than bulky furniture. Look for arm chairs that feature track arms or consider an armless design. Armless accent chairs are great if you have to fit furniture into tight areas, and they still offer that quality style and comfort you seek.

Avoid accent chairs described as "oversized"

Furniture seems to be getting bigger and bigger these days, and while oversized furniture can provide luxurious comfort, it isn't well-suited for tiny apartments. Search for smaller-scale designs instead, which are still perfectly welcoming and cozy.

Consider a curved back for corners

Placing an accent chair in the corner is a great way to maximize space. If you're considering a corner chair, be sure to look for a design that has a curved back. These types of chairs look better placed in corners than accent chairs with straight backs. You can find curved-back chairs in many different styles, ranging from modern to traditional.

Who says a small home can't be beautiful, inviting and spacious? Use these tips to create a chic room that's still open and comfortable. With so many different types of arm chairs available today, you'll have no trouble finding a design to fit in your small home.

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