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5 tips for moving furniture into your new home

Mar 29, 2016
5 tips for moving furniture into your new home

You've found a house you love, packed up all of your accessories and are ready to start making a new home for yourself. To say you're excited is an understatement — you're welcoming this change with open arms! The only problem? You're not exactly jumping for joy over having to move all of your chairs, sofas, and slipcovered furniture. And more than likely, the family and friends you've enlisted for help aren't too thrilled either. While moving furniture is never hassle-free, you can make the process a whole lot easier by planning ahead and using the right strategies. Here are five tips to get you started on the right track.

Make a plan before you begin

Before you begin, draw up a floor plan of your new home, take measurements of both your furniture and the doorways in the house, and map out the best path for moving each piece of furniture. This prevents furniture from getting stuck, and allows you to plan the most efficient move possible.

Protect furniture with plastic and blankets

Furniture can get easily scratched and dinged during the moving process. Protect your favorite designs by wrapping them in plastic, blankets or both. This simple trick also softens the edges of furniture to prevent your hands from getting sore.

Protect the floor with furniture sliders

You'll want to protect your new floors, too, by investing in furniture sliders. After you unwrap sofas and tables, place furniture sliders underneath each piece to prevent wood scratches and carpet tears. You can move furniture around as much as you'd like to achieve the best arrangement, all without causing any damage.

Tilt tall furniture

Even with two people, carrying tall furniture is awkward and difficult. To make it easier, carry tall dressers in a tilted position, where one person carries the top and the other lifts the bottom to keep the furniture's weight centered.

Take apart furniture as much as possible

Sofa legs, drawers, cushions, anything that can be removed should be removed. This helps you fit furniture into doorways, it prevents furniture pieces from falling, like drawers, and it makes the furniture more streamlined and easier for you to move.

Your new home is waiting for you, and while moving is never easy, these tips will make lifting and moving furniture more manageable for everyone.

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