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How To Pull Off Dark Wood Furniture In The Bedroom

May 17, 2016
How To Pull Off Dark Wood Furniture In The Bedroom
Lighter wood has become a popular contemporary design trend in recent years. From furniture to floors, many homes today feature light wood, which often creates an open and casual atmosphere. That being said, there's still room to bring darker wood tones into your home. If you love the look of rich, darker finishes, consider bringing timeless traditional furniture into the bedroom. These four ideas help you incorporate the dark wood furniture that you prefer into your contemporary design.

Match furniture finishes to create a cohesive style

If only the dresser or bed frame is dark wood, that piece of furniture will look out of place with the rest of your contemporary decor. Instead, tie the look together using a stylish furniture set washed in the same elegant finish. A matching furniture set doesn't mean your room will look too matchy-matchy or boring. The use of color, texture and eye-catching patterns ensures your interior design is still interesting and unique.

Put together an eclectic bedroom

If matching furniture isn't for you, consider creating an eclectic design in the bedroom. Dark wood furniture won't look out of place if you have a mixture of different, yet complementing styles in the same space. To pull off the eclectic look, choose only a few styles to mix and use colors, shapes or materials to tie everything together. Even though it's an eclectic design, it's important that your room appears put together, rather than random.

Create contrast with lighter walls and decor

One reason why people avoid all dark colors is because they can make rooms appear smaller. The trick, however, is to avoid dark paint colors. If you contrast your darker wood furniture with light walls and decor, your room will look both striking and spacious.

Warm up the room with a pop of color

Dark woods tend to have a more formal appearance than lighter types. You can easily warm up the rich finish with a bright color or two. Coral bed sheets, for example, help give the bedroom set pictured above a cozy and welcoming look.

Who says you can't enjoy both dark wood and a contemporary style? These four tips help you bring dark wood furniture into the bedroom to design a welcoming and beautiful space.

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