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4 Tips For Mixing Different Furniture Styles

May 10, 2016
4 Tips For Mixing Different Furniture Styles
When it comes to your wardrobe, you've never been defined by one particular style so why should your home? A mixture of furniture styles can lead to a more interesting and one-of-a-kind space. That being said, it's not always an easy look to pull off, as assembling mismatched furniture can also cause a home's design to look random rather than strategically planned. To set up an aesthetically pleasing room, follow these four tips when mixing furniture styles.

Select just a few styles to get started

The more styles you select for your space, the more difficult it is to create a put-together look. Start with just two or three looks to successfully design the interesting room you desire. Once you become more skilled at decorating with mismatched furniture, then consider throwing another style or two into the mix.

When choosing furniture and decor, remember to have a similar number of items representing each style. If the majority of your home is modern, but you have a couple of antique pieces set up, too, those antique designs could look out of place.

Tie the look together using color and shape

How do you create a cohesive look using both antique and contemporary designs? Tie the room together by selecting furniture showing similar colors and shapes. Even though your furniture will differ in style, the pieces will still share common design traits this way and look as though they belong together. You can also create an interesting home by choosing furniture in the same style and mixing colors instead.

Mix styles evenly throughout the room

If one side of the room is mid-century modern and the other displays rustic designs, it'll look as though you have two distinct spaces. Bring the whole room together by distributing different styles evenly throughout the area instead.

Maintain the mood by selecting styles that give off a similar vibe

Is your home relaxed and cozy? Nature-inspired? Elegant? Before you select furniture, decide on the mood you want your interior design to create. This will help you narrow your selection and choose designs that work well together.

You don't have to choose between two interior design styles you love. Use these tips to bring different designs together and create a cohesive, beautiful space.

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