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The Difference: 8-Way Hand Tied Springs Vs. Sinuous Springs

Apr 19, 2016
The Difference: 8-Way Hand Tied Springs Vs. Sinuous Springs
In your 20s, it didn't matter to you that your furniture was poorly made. You moved a lot back then, and at the time it made sense to purchase cheap tables and sofas that could be discarded after just a few years. Today your situation is very different. Now that you're older and a little more settled, you'd prefer to start buying high-quality furniture designed to last and remain stylish for years. There are many factors that determine whether a sofa or recliner's construction is quality; a few examples are upholstery materials, frame and cushions. Another important component is the furniture's spring system. Sinuous springs and 8-way hand-tied springs are the two most common spring systems used to construct upholstered furniture. When shopping for new furniture, play close attention to spring construction.

Sinuous Springs

A sinuous spring sofa systems consist of heavy-gauge steel wires formed in continuous, vertical S-shaped coils. The springs are attached to the frame with padded clips and fasteners and re-enforced with horizontal metal tie rods. This type of "no sag" construction takes less labor and is cheaper to produce than an 8-way hand-tied spring suspension but has proven over the past thirty years to provide a comfortable "sit" plus be very durable and good quality.

8-Way Hand-Tied Springs

An 8-way hand-tied sofa spring system is a tried and true technique that requires skilled craftsmanship. To make 8-way hand-tied coils, laborers tie springs eight ways, from side to side, front to back and diagonally. This helps craftsman build upholstered furniture that is soft, supportive, flexible, and comfortable.

It takes more time and labor to build 8-way hand-tied spring systems and furniture pieces featuring this type of construction are typically more expensive. While you'll spend more money upfront on living room seats, their long-lasting quality prevents you from having to spend money on future replacements.

Purchasing high-quality furniture is well worth the investment, especially for sofas and couches that will get daily use. Don't waste your money buying cheaper furniture you'll have to replace. When you buy furniture made with either sinuous wire or 8-way hand-tied springs, you'll enjoy a comfortable and supportive seat long after you first bring the piece into your home. Browse our huge collection of high-quality featuring a variety a styles and upholsteries to fit your needs and room décor.


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