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Best Fabric Sofa for Your Home: Weigh the Pros & Cons

Jun 22, 2016
Best Fabric Sofa for Your Home: Weigh the Pros & Cons

Buying the right fabric furniture for your home

Buying a fabric sofa isn't like purchasing an end table or decorative plant. When you budget for a good-quality sofa, you're investing in a sturdy piece of furniture designed to last many years. That's why it's essential you choose a fabric that stays in great condition, too. After all, it doesn't matter how durable the construction of a couch is if the upholstery fabric wears quickly! Consider these five fabrics, ranging from the easy to clean microfiber to a formal linen couch, to find the best option for your living situation.

Microfiber and Micro-suede Fabric Couches

If you like the look of leather and suede but you have young kids and pets, then microfiber or micro-suede fabric upholstery could be your best fabric option for your new sofa. Microfiber and micro-suede are designed to look like leather and suede but are stain resistant and easier to clean. Many times, the microfiber couch cushions have removable covers that can be placed in the washing machine.  For parts of microfiber or micro-suede couches that are not removable, the couch can be easily cleaned with vinegar, a carpet shampooer and other household fabric cleaners. In addition to being low maintenance pieces of furniture, they provide the soft touch of fabric, which some people prefer over leather.

Twill Fabric Couches

Twill describes a type of weave, usually consisting of cotton or a polyester-cotton blend. Cotton twill and polyester-cotton blended twill upholstery are both stain-resistant and, depending on the thread count, it can be water resistant as well. This material is great for families and can be easily cleaned if needed. If you choose a twill slipcovered sofa, the upholstery can be machine washed.

Velvet Fabric Couches

If you're not concerned about young kids spilling drinks or pets dirtying your furniture, then you have a great opportunity to try a crushed velvet sofa. While it is difficult to clean, velvet upholstery is luxuriously soft and has a sophisticated style especially when accented with velvet couch pillows. The plush fabric is especially cozy when summer is over, and the weather becomes chilly.

Canvas Fabric Couches

Prefer a more casual style? Then consider a canvas couch! This textured, natural-style fabric works great in more relaxed atmospheres and is durable to stay looking great years after you bring the sofa into your home. Canvas couch slipcovers are also a great way to bring renewed life to an older fabric or leather sofa.

Linen Fabric Couches

Linen is similar to canvas with its natural texture, but it has a more formal appearance well-suited for elegant living rooms. If you like the linen look but want a casual feel, consider a linen couch cover which can bring a casual but well-maintained look to your home; the best of both worlds. Keep in mind that linen can wrinkle if not cared for properly.

Choose the best fabric furniture for your home

Fabric comes in many varieties, allowing you to find upholstery that perfectly matches your space's style, as well as your lifestyle. Use this quick helpful guide to narrow your options and select the fabric sofa you love from Club Furniture.

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