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What Is Tufted Furniture & Why Is It Elegant and Trendy?

Jul 24, 2023
What Is Tufted Furniture & Why Is It Elegant and Trendy?

What Is Tufted Furniture

Tufted furniture is accomplished by sewing buttons or stitches, typically in a diamond-shaped pattern, through a cushion or mattress. This technique is both elegant and functional as it is designed to hold the stuffing in place to prevent it from shifting or bunching up.

The tufted furniture trend first became popular in the 1700’s during the Victoria era, but this style  is far from dated. In addition to tufted sofas, a variety of furniture pieces boast tufting these days, including ottomans, benches and even coffee tables. It’s no surprise that the button upholstery look remains popular as ever as tufted upholstery is the perfect combination of elegant and trendy. Here are a few reasons to incorporate this trend into your home.

To soften your modern interior

Modern spaces are both edgy and sophisticated, but they can also seem cold if their look is too minimal and straight-forward. The right touches here and there can prevent a modern room from appearing unwelcoming. One helpful strategy is to bring tufted furniture into the space. A button-back Chesterfield leather sofa or tufted ottoman can soften a minimalist style to ensure it still has a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. One or two pieces might be all you need to give your modern room a more approachable design.

To add comfort to your living room or bedroom

Tufted furniture is simply more comfortable than many alternative designs. The cushions remain plush and plump without needing to be constantly readjusted, and when you choose the right fabric, your sofa, chair or headboard feels soft and luxurious. From velvet to linen, there are a variety of upholstery materials that look stunning with tufting.

To enhance your design with texture

Texture offers an easy way to liven up an ordinary design and create depth in a room, and you can use tufted furniture to add texture to your living room or bedroom. The tufted trend can help you add that wow factor to your space without appearing too bold or out of place.

When incorporating tufted furniture into your home’s interior design, one key strategy to remember is not to overdo it. Button upholstery looks sophisticated and timeless, but too many furniture pieces with this same style will diminish the effect tufted furniture can have on a room’s overall look. I like the rule of having one to two tufted pieces per room.

Could your home benefit from the tufted furniture trend? Add a cozy look to any room with an elegant tufted sofa chair or ottoman and create an inviting living space that compliments your current furniture.




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