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How To Find The Perfect Sofa

Jul 24, 2023
How To Find The Perfect Sofa

If you're looking for a new living room sofa you may not be entirely sure where to start. If you keep a few guidelines in mind as you browse, you'll find the perfect couch that fits your room, your style, and your needs. Here are some things to consider as you look. 

What Type of Sofa Do You Want?

Sofas are available in a dizzying number of sizes and shapes. Take a look at the room you'll be placing it in and consider what seating arrangement will work best. How many people do you need to seat? Do you need a sleeper sofa or a sectional? Once you have an idea of the shape of sofa you need, you'll want to consider the size.

Different kinds of sofas come in a standard range of sizes. When you're choosing one for your room, remember that you don't want it to take up the entire length of a wall. Try to have at least 18" of space on either end of the couch so your room doesn't look crowded. Here are some standard sizes for different types of sofas:

  • Regular sofa - between 72" and 84", seating three to four people
  • Loveseat - 48" to 70", room for two people to sit
  • Sectional sofa - Varies widely. You can find smaller sectionals that are roughly as long as a standard couch, with an added chaise lounge, or large U- or L- shaped models that seat as many as ten guests. 
  • Sleeper sofa - These come in different sizes as well, from a 53" chair that folds out into a twin bed, to a standard couch that folds out into a queen-size bed. 
  • Apartment size sofa – under 80” wide, these more compact sofas are designed to fit into smaller spaces.
  • Oversized sofa with deep seats – over 90” wide featuring a 24” seat depth.

What Style of Sofa Do You Want?

To give your decor a polished, unified look, pick a style that you love and will complement the rest of your room.

Mid Century Modern - For a sleek, retro look, a midcentury modern couch is a sophisticated choice. Another look with clean, classic lines is tuxedo style, where the back and the arms of the sofa are the same height, giving it a geometric look.

Chesterfield - Another sofa with arms that are the same height as the back is the chesterfield. This style is more luxurious, often upholstered in leather, with a tufted back and timeless appeal.

Camelback - The back of a camelback sofa has one or two rounded humps, for an elegant, traditional style. It's generally considered a more formal look, but it can be very attractive in a casual grouping.

Lawson - For a sofa that beautifully straddles comfort and classic styling, the Lawson is a great choice. It features back cushions that are not attached and lower armrests for comfort. Its clean lines make it easy to fit into a more classic or relaxed decor, depending on the upholstery choices. 

English Rolled Arm - Another excellent choice to work seamlessly in different decors is the English rolled arm sofa. Similar to the Lawson, the English rolled arm is designed for comfort, with soft, attached back cushions and softly rounded arms. This look is cozy but not overstuffed, clean-lined, but welcoming.   

Sectional - A sectional sofa offers a lot of seating space, and there are configurations to fit almost any room. Sectionals can be found in a wide range of styles and sizes.

Chaise Lounge - Although it's usually associated with ultra-romantic looks, a chaise lounge can be found in styles ranging from modern to casual. They're intended for one person to recline in, but in a pinch, they can usually seat two.

Settee/Loveseat - A settee or loveseat is a delicate piece of furniture that seats two people. These usually have a straight back and somewhat higher arms.

For people who need extra sleeping space, a sleeper sofa is a great way to turn your living room into a guest room. Sleeper sofas can be found in many different styles and sizes and fold out into comfortable beds when needed.

Sofa Style Guide

Measuring Your Sofa

To make sure your sofa will fit in your home you'll want to know exactly what size it is. Here's what you need to make sense of the measurements. The width refers to the distance between the outside surfaces of the arms. Arm height measures from the floor to the top of the arms. Depth measures from the back of the sofa to the front and total height is the distance from the highest part of the sofa to the floor.

Be sure to measure your entryways, interior doorways, and stairs to be sure that you will be able to get your new couch into your home.

How to Measure Your Sofa

Match Your Sofa to Your Lifestyle

To enjoy your new sofa for a long time, you'll want to choose one that fits with your lifestyle. Not only do you want enough seating, but you want to be sure it will stand up to the use you expect. If you will have children or pets you may want to consider a slipcover, which is easy to replace or remove for cleaning. A leather sofa is another great option offering sturdy upholstery. It stands up to a great deal of wear, and it is easy to care for. 

We are sure to have the right sofa for you. Take a look at our many styles, and you can be confident with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee that you'll love what you choose.

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