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8 Sophisticated Game Room Ideas

Jul 24, 2023
8 Sophisticated Game Room Ideas

You love playing pool, but noisy, crowded bars are simply not your scene. That's why you've decided to bring billiards into your home instead! With a big, beautiful table, you can play pool in the comforts of your own game room, where there are no other groups waiting for you to finish.

Now that you have your new game room addition, it's time to find furniture to match your space. Colorful bean bags work fine for your kids when they play video games, but you'll want more sophisticated designs to complement the wooden frame and rich finish of the pool table. Let these eight game room ideas help you find elegant, comfortable and most importantly, adult-friendly furniture.

1. Decide How Much Room You Have for Seating

Before you shop for seating, it's important to know what kinds of furniture you have space for in your family game room. Consider different layout options, such as one big sofa or sectional, or a group of smaller chairs and barstools. One benefit of stools and smaller accent chairs is that you can easily move them around the game room as needed.

Game Room Furniture Layout

2. Use an Ottoman to Meet a Variety of Needs

Ottomans aren't just a footrest; they can also be used as an additional seat when you've got company over and there aren't enough places to sit. Some people even use ottomans as a table to display decor or set down drinks, using a tray to create a flat surface.

Game Room Ottoman

3. Create an Elegant Look With Leather

Need a game room design idea that instantly adds an elegant touch? Leather is a classic upholstery option that is both stylish and soft. If it works with your existing decor, consider a warm brown shade to give the game room a welcoming look that's also sophisticated.

Leather Furniture

4. Enhance the Entertainment Room With a Home Bar

A home bar can include a countertop, barstools, drawers, cupboards, a mini fridge and sink, or it can be as simple as a cart. If you have the space and budget, take advantage of the opportunity to set up the perfect place for happy hours at home. A pool table and bar combination will make your new game room a huge hit with friends and family.

Game Room Home Bar

5. Choose a Convenient Rolling Cart

A rolling cart can be used to keep food and drinks conveniently nearby. It can also be used to set down your pool accessories and keep all your smaller items like chalk in one place. The best part about a rolling cart is that you can have it next to you during the game and placed up against the wall when it's no longer needed for extra space.

Game Room Rolling Cart

6. Choose a Theme

Choosing a unifying theme will pull the look together as well as making choices easier. When it comes to decorating a game room you have even more leeway to play with the theme and design. First, you'll want to decide what style you want. Do you want an easy-going feel like a rustic or cozy cottage look? Perhaps you prefer the sleek sophistication of a modern or transitional look. Whatever style you choose, next you can choose a fun theme to really make the room special, like a luxurious social club, or a bright 50's-style diner. Find a theme that makes you want to hang out there, then play that up with pictures and accessories. 

Game Room Theme

7. Choose Your Entertainment

The point of a family game room is to play, after all. Now that you have a theme in mind, choose the entertainment that fits with your look and how you want to enjoy your room. That might include a pool table or a card table. Many game rooms benefit from a flat-screen TV, and you could also add a row of video games for a retro arcade feel. A bar is also a fun addition, and there are plenty of options to make it fit in any room, whether you use a built-in bar or rolling cart. It can offer alcohol for the adults or ice cream sundaes for the kids.

Game Room Entertainment

8. Customize It!

Make your game room space uniquely yours with personal touches. Family photos are a natural addition but don't stop there. Add items to bring your personality into the space, such as sports memorabilia, or Broadway show posters. Art on the walls make any room feel more special, and that can be anything from oil paintings to framed pictures your kids made. Decorating the walls makes a room feel curated, not generic.

Customize Your Game Room

The right furniture can make your family game room even more enjoyable. Use these game room ideas to narrow down your search while designing and shopping. Ready to start designing your game room? Club furniture is your one stop shop for everything you need! Shop now.

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