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Why Leather Recliners Will Never Go Out of Style

Jun 25, 2018
Why Leather Recliners Will Never Go Out of Style

If you look at your furniture purchase as an investment—as in, something that’s going to bring you steadfast enjoyment for years to come, at a price to match—then you must consider leather recliner chairs as a top-choice seating option. These chairs, like any other well-made piece of leather furniture, double-down on timelessness by employing the most classic upholstery material available and by prioritizing full-body comfort. It doesn’t matter if you’re after traditional or contemporary leather recliners, there’s an undeniable agelessness to the reclining leather chair. And with materials built to endure, Club Furniture’s leather recliners truly never go out of style! Here’s more information about why.

1. There’s No Material More Timeless Than Leather

Leather has been used in upholstery consistently throughout the past several hundred years, with historians theorizing that it was used for the first time in the fifth century A.D. Then, it was employed as a covering for dining chairs due to the fact that it was durable, easy to maintain and less likely to absorb odors than typical upholstery. Since then, leather has maintained its place as a fine upholstery option.

For all of the reasons listed above, coupled with leather’s natural beauty and accessibility throughout the world, it is considered one of the most timeless materials in furniture. When you choose a dark or distressed leather recliner, you’re essentially paying tribute to the most handsome, classic home appointments of the past 1,500-plus years. If the past is any indication, leather’s not likely to go out of style anytime soon!

padded leather lounge chair 

2. Comfort Always Has Staying Power

Sure, looks are the thing that mostly determines whether or not a piece will stay in or go passé, but when it comes to furniture, we all know that even if something is out of style, it sticks around if it’s especially comfortable. That old worn-in sofa everyone loves somehow winds up in the basement for another decade or more, simply because sometimes real comfort is just hard to relinquish!

There’s a reason why reclining chairs are some of the most popular, and it all comes down to comfort. Providing a full-body envelope of all-around comfort, not to mention a comfy place to kick up your feet, recliners are hands-down some of the most comfortable seating options available. They’ll be in use constantly as the preferred spot for watching TV, reading or even taking quick midday naps.

3. They Often Feature Timeless Finishes

Another reason why leather recliners have a particular brand of staying power is because they’re often designed as such. Fine furniture crafters know that people who prefer leather have a fine eye for classic detailing, so even modern leather recliners tend to err on the enduring side. With straightforward silhouettes, handsome detailing and premium upholstery, leather recliners exude timeless style.

In fact, we have many gorgeous leather reclining chairs that are done from top to bottom with a classic flair. Try a leather wingback recliner or a tufted leather recliner if you’re in the market for a traditional style that’s dripping with finishes that never go out of style. Even contemporary and arts and crafts style leather chairs feature enduring, ageless features, like solid wood arms and clean, approachable shapes.

high leg leather chair 

4. They Are Made to Endure, No Compromises

Style and comfort aside, the biggest reason why our leather recliners are likely to endure is because they’re made to last. With premium-quality 100 percent aniline dyed leather, guaranteed no-sag springs and hand-crafted, hardwood frames, these recliners are sure to be a living space staple for years to come. At Club Furniture, our luxurious home furnishings are made in America, so you can count on exceptional quality no matter what!

Make sure to explore our complete selection of tastefully timeless leather recliners at Club Furniture. You’ll find pieces in up to 30 distinct leather colors to ensure a perfect match in your home. We know you’ll get the most out of your long-term furniture investment when you pick a handsome style from our enormous selection. Remember: You can always take advantage of our free 30-day in-home trial if you’d like to see how a lovely, leather recliner fares in your home!

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