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How To Find Furniture That Lasts A Lifetime

May 02, 2018
How To Find Furniture That Lasts A Lifetime

How often have you been excited about a stylish sofa, only to be disappointed after sitting on the uncomfortable cushions? Or maybe you found a dresser that organizes your wardrobe but doesn’t fit in with your room’s style. Finding quality furniture that meets all of your criteria can be a challenge – especially with all of the furniture companies out that touting “high quality” furniture.

With all the time and energy that goes into finding perfect pieces for your home, it’s important that they last. Use Club Furniture’s four tips during your search to spot the high-quality designs you want so you can bring lasting furniture into your home!

Pay attention to materials

A chair might have leather-look upholstery, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually made from leather. Pay close attention to the listed features when you’re shopping to determine whether furniture is made from real wood and other natural materials. For fabrics, search for durable options such as microfiber or linen. Taking a little bit of time and researching into what materials or fabrics will help you find quality furniture that are promised to last.

Invest in versatile pieces

Even high quality furniture can become damaged, especially if you have kids or pets. Versatile furniture like slipcovered sofas are great for families because they help prevent spills from becoming permanent stains. Simply remove the slipcover to wash out food spills or dirt, and if that doesn’t work, replace the upholstery to keep your sofa looking like new!

Don’t fall prey to very low prices

In recent years there has been a rise in “flat pack” furniture from big box stores, and while this furniture might be a quick, and cheap alternative, it’s likely that this furniture is made from cheap materials that aren’t very durable. You can find great deals on high-quality furniture, but if a table or chair seems outrageously inexpensive, there’s probably a good reason why. Whatever the flaw, you’ll find extremely cheap furniture doesn’t last very long, and it’s actually smarter to invest in higher quality furniture designs.

Ask about construction

Don’t be afraid to ask about where the furniture was constructed! Was the chair crafted by hand? Does the dresser have dovetail corner drawers? Are the cushions filled with high-density foam?

Hopefully, the answer to these questions is yes. Learning how a piece of furniture was made and whether enough time and care went into building it can tell you a lot about whether or not it’s a qualify furniture piece. After reading the furniture’s features, don’t hesitate to do a little research or ask the company directly what exactly each detail means. Knowing the difference between various joints, spring systems and materials will inform your decision.

Don’t waste what could have been a relaxing weekend searching for new furniture every five years. It might seem like there’s a lot that goes into finding furniture that lasts a lifetime but taking a bit of time to do it right the first time by investing in designs that last can save you a lot of stress down the road!

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