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5 Things to Look For in a Sofa Sleeper

Sep 14, 2016
5 Things to Look For in a Sofa Sleeper

Without a guest room for visiting family and friends, you've had to provide not-so-comfortable options when putting together a bed. From blow-up mattresses to couches, your guests use what's available, and often wake up feeling tired and sore because of it. That's why you've decided to invest in a sleeper sofa instead. Sleeper sofas are a convenient addition to small apartments and even bigger houses that don't have space for a guest room. Quality designs are just as comfortable as a real bed, and they don't take up any extra space in the home. Here are 5 things to look for when investing in a new sofa sleeper.

1. Trampoline-style mattress platform

With a crosswire-infused, trampoline-style platform, you don't have to worry about uncomfortable bars hitting your guests' backs and calves. This type of mattress platform offers the support friends and family need to get good sleep.

2. Quality mattress

Most people assume that sleeper sofas offer low-quality mattresses, but that's not always the case. When searching for a sleeper sofa, look for high-grade designs, such as innerspring or memory foam. Memory foam is especially luxurious, as it offers contouring comfort.

Quality Sofa Sleeper Mattress

3. Easy setup

You'll want your sofa sleeper to adjust easily, even if you don't use it every day. During your trial period with the new furniture, pull out the mattress a few times to see how quickly you can switch your sleeper sofa to a bed.

4. Contoured head and seat

Your sofa sleeper is first and foremost a couch, so it's important that it feels comfortable to sit down. Contoured back and seat cushions offer support and are soft. They allow you to unwind to your favorite TV shows for hours without causing discomfort.

Comfy Sofa Sleeper

5. Versatile style

A sleeper sofa is meant to be a long-lasting living room addition. Search for a versatile or classic style that you can easily mix and match with new decor. From brown leathers to navy linen, there's a variety of upholstery options that are both incredibly stylish and versatile.


When family and friends stay for the holidays or a long weekend, give them a relaxing place to rest. These tips will help you find a sleeper sofa that is both cozy and timeless. Get the perfect leather or fabric sleeper sofa for your home. Shop our selection of custom sleeper sofas and get fast and free shipping with satisfaction guaranteed!

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