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Comfortable, High Quality Sleep Sofas

A comfortable, high quality sleeper sofa is essential when accommodating your guests. All of Club Furniture's sleeper sofas feature either a Leggett & Platt or Hickory Springs tempered steel mechanism with a supportive "trampoline" style mattress platform (no uncomfortable cross bars hitting your guests' back and calves). High-quality materials make up a frame that's built with both long-lasting durability and calming repose in mind. You choose the mattress - opt for a 5.25-inch innerspring or memory foam sleeper mattress to guarantee a good night's rest. Memory foam upgrade allows for unmatched comfort, with state-of-the-art body contouring that will make houseguests feel at home. Your visitors won't toss and turn or fuss with setup, as innovative technologies promise a new way to rest without making way for a permanent bed or guest room. Axle rivet features aid in uncomplicated setup. Varying shapes and sizes of pullout couches at Club Furniture help you turn any size room into a guest suite. Find a style to match your home's décor, whether it's contemporary and understated, casual and adaptable or sophisticated and elegant.

The heavy-duty, crosswire infused, trampoline style support system create a sturdy, dream-inducing frame to back the mattress. Tranquilizing features like a locking TV headrest and contoured head and seat sections provide endless comfort not always found in traditional convertible couches. Often times, sofa beds come standard with built-in bars that disrupt a sound sleep, but with the Leggett & Platt or Hickory Springs systems, sleep support crosswires eliminate all uncomfortable support frames. A seamless, unobtrusive design conforms to the body and encourages uninterrupted sleep. Tubular perimeter and advanced linkage designs are built to the highest standard of quality and durability, so your sleeper sofa can accommodate guests for years to come. Dual tubular legs fold up into the sofa for a streamlined designed from night to day, making hosting houseguests easy, stylish and tremendously luxurious.