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Top 6 Furniture Trends for 2021

Oct 05, 2021
Top 6 Furniture Trends for 2021

There's nothing quite like the feel of a brand-new year. The excitement of new beginnings and opportunities that lie ahead are exactly the mid-winter lift we need. 

Updating your interior decor can bring your home the same fresh feeling. When styles remain the same, over time you don't even see them. Incorporating some of the top furniture trends for 2021 will transform a favorite room as well as brighten your outlook. Whether you're ready for all new furniture, or just want to add a few touches to your existing decor, consider these top interior design trends for 2021.

1. Velvet

Velvet Furniture

This design trend is all about the marriage of luxury and comfort. Velvet is associated with opulence, but the feel of it also compels you to run your fingers over it. Velvet upholstery has a unique look that is both smooth and indulgently soft. To bring in a smaller touch, drape a velvet throw over the back of your living room sofa. This will add a dose of style and a cozy place to curl up. A few velvet throw pillows add an inviting texture to a seating area.

To keep the design modern, opt for vibrant colors.

2. Masculine Inspired Furniture

Masculine Inspired Furniture

If you can picture it in an exclusive men's club, then it's hot this year. A leather chesterfield sofa with a pillow tufted back is a perfect example of this luxe trend. If most furniture tends toward soft, delicate styles, an elegant yet sturdy piece like this leather loveseat will add texture, making the room more visually appealing. A leather club chair is a great choice to bring in a masculine touch. 

On the other hand, if your furniture is all leather, be sure to add a contrasting texture or pattern to break things up. This is a great place for the velvet throw or pillows mentioned above. 

3. Upholstered Beds

Upholstered Beds

An upholstered bed is a fresh way to update a bedroom. This look is cozy and inviting, and it adapts beautifully to different styles. You can find upholstered beds that are traditional and soft, like this Draper Tufted Fabric Platform Bed, and also sleek contemporary designs, like the Corbett Upholstered Bed. There are dozens of upholstery options to choose from so you can customize your bed to your exact taste.

While some rooms can feel overwhelmed by too many soft textures, the bedroom is the perfect place to luxuriate in comfort. A cozy upholstered bed that is topped with a downy comforter and has a soft rug underneath offers a welcoming nest to escape the pressures of the day. 

4. Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

The appeal of mid-century modern styles is enduring, but it's an especially popular interior design trend right now. The sleek lines and bold colors give these pieces a polished look. The uncluttered impact of this trend is perfect to add a sophisticated note to any interior decor.

Because mid-century modern pieces have such simple lines, they fit well with other furnishings. Try a smaller piece to get a feel for the look, like this leather recliner.

5. Sculptural Furniture

Sculptural Furniture

For a bold addition to your home, sculptural pieces combine the visual interest of art with the function of furniture. This isn't a style you necessarily want to fill an entire room with, but adding a dramatic, unique piece as the focal point of a room can be stunning.

Choose a design with bold colors, design, and finish to provide the impact you're looking for. Keep the companion furnishings subtle, to let the central piece shine.

6. Art Deco

Art Deco Furniture

As we move into the Roaring 20s, Art Deco has come back for another round. This elegant, stunning design trend features intricate patterns and geometric shapes. It's kept from looking fussy by its clean lines and luxury materials. This is a style that exudes sophistication. 

When adding Art Deco pieces to a room, be careful to keep other furnishings and designs simple. Too much pattern can easily overwhelm the design of your home, making it seemed cluttered. 

The new year is a great time for a new start, and that includes your home decor. Take a look at the many styles we have to offer and see where the design inspiration takes you! 


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