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How to Make a Living Room Cozy

Mar 10, 2021
How to Make a Living Room Cozy

Your living room serves as a central gathering place for family and friends, and, just like your kitchen, plays an essential role in the flow of your home. This is where you can let your creative style take shape and really go all out – everyone’s going to see it, after all. While this usually means choosing the right paint, crafting a grand feature wall, and picking out your most meaningful decor items, it also means deciding which furniture will anchor the room to create a warm, relaxing, and inviting space.

One of the best ways to create a warm welcoming space that you, your family, and your guests can enjoy is by focusing on custom living room furniture items that boast a sturdy design and full, cozy cushions. When planning to upgrade your sectional, loveseat, or sofa, consider how your living room will be used. Choosing a sofa that has deep cushions can provide ample space to stretch out whether for a movie or game night with friends. These styles can also make for the perfect afternoon nap location.

Smaller sofas have their time and place, but opting for a larger sofa in your living room doesn’t have to make you feel as though it overpowers your space, either. Instead of settling for something that is too narrow or rigid to be comfortable, a larger sofa will ensure that you always have the capacity you need for everyone to gather and create a welcoming living room. Remember, the cornerstone of any cozy design is based on maximizing comfort with a high-quality piece of furniture that enables you to enjoy full and complete relaxation.

Create your Cozy Space

If it’s going to look comfortable, it should BE comfortable, and that’s why one of the most important qualities of a beautifully designed living room is that it carries that same feel throughout all of your furniture. This isn’t to say that all of your pieces have to match, but more so that you should strive to create a balanced look that is stylish and classy without sacrificing comfort – and there are a few ways you can do this.

Accessorize With Different Furniture Pieces

Your sofa is often the main anchor piece in your living room, but it shouldn't be the only piece. Adding a sideboard, table, or accent chair can liven up your decor by creating various spaces to relax in comfort.

Think Outside the Couch

It isn't all about furniture – you can add lighting, rugs, and other decor items that complement your furniture pieces and carry your style through to other areas. A standard melon ceiling light won't do any favors for your mid-century modern, low-rise sofa! Instead, choose light fixtures that enhance your overall design aesthetic and also create a warm ambiance in the room.

Pillows Everywhere (Blankets, too!)

One of the easiest ways to make your living room space cozier is by adding decorative throw pillows and soft blankets. These accent pieces will add a subtle decorative touch while enhancing the ambiance of the room. Try changing up the size and shape of your pillows to provide some variety and additional design. The right combination of pillow sizes and textures can make any couch feel more inviting to sink into.

Add Accent Colors, Patterns, and Textures

Use color to your advantage! If you have chosen a neutral sofa, loveseat, or sectional sofa, be sure to bring pops of color into the mix to accentuate the coziness. You can use patterns to showcase multiple colors or use a combination of cloth, leather, and other textures to create the right look.

Choose Your Level of Cozy with Club Furniture

At Club Furniture, we have an impressive selection of living room furniture and more to help you make your home as cozy, warm, and inviting as possible. With a vast array of designs and styles available, there’s a feature piece to suit everyone’s taste (and everyone’s space). Our furniture can all be customized, too, and there are numerous color options to choose from in either fabric upholstery, leather, or casual slipcovers. We can also accommodate the physical dimensions of your space and option your piece to suit the size you need.

Enjoy the ability to match your furniture to other materials such as flooring or wall color, with our upholstery samples that you can take with you while shopping around. We know that choosing a piece of furniture for your living room is a big decision, and our goal is to help you make the right move so that you can be completely confident about the finished look of your space. Living rooms are special...a lot happens here, from family board game nights to holiday soirees, this is the place where we want you to feel the most comfort in your home.

Whatever you have in mind, Club Furniture can help you achieve it. Shop our living room furniture online today to inspire your space and access next-level coziness right at home.

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