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How to Choose the Right Accent Chair

Mar 10, 2020
How to Choose the Right Accent Chair

The term "accent chair" is often used interchangeably with "armchair," but the two are not exactly the same. An accent chair not only gives you another place to sit, but it also adds to the decor in a significant way. An armchair, slipper chair, recliner, or club chair are all examples of pieces that can be added to seating areas. To make one of these chairs an accent chair only requires a little thought and careful selection. Learn how to choose the right accent chair for your space.

1. What is the Chair's Purpose?

The first things to consider are practical. Where will the chair be placed? Is this a cozy spot to curl up in and read a book? Or perhaps you're looking to add seating to a formal living room? It's important to think about the function the chair will serve, because if it doesn't meet your needs it doesn't matter how great it looks. 

Next, think about the space it will be in. An oversized chair that is squeezed into too small of an area makes the room look cluttered. On the contrary, a trim chair with too much empty space on either side gives the decor an unfinished look. Aim for 6 to 10 inches on either side of your accent chair, so people are seated close enough to comfortably talk, without being crowded. 

2. Consider Your Decor Style and Color Scheme

This is the fun part because you get to select a chair you'll love. Think about the overall look of your decor so you can pick a chair that harmonizes with the rest of the room and furniture. The same goes for the color of your chair. There are many beautiful colors, but they don't all look beautiful together. 

That said, if you're aiming for a true accent chair, you don't want to choose one that too closely matches the rest of your furniture. Find a style and color that stands out against the rest of the room. A bold print that includes the major color of the room or a bright pop of color can be beautiful.  A style that stands out against the rest of the decor is a great way to bring visual interest to a room. It's best to pick one contrasting feature: either color or style. Otherwise, it is very hard to make the choice look intentional. 

3. Pick a Chair Style and Size

Now that you have the look in mind it's time to browse through the chairs that meet your criteria. When you narrow your search down to some specific styles and sizes it becomes much easier to find the perfect chair for any room. Just don't let yourself be tempted by other beautiful chairs. It's sort of like dating - when the perfect one comes along, you're happy to forget the rest. 

4. Pick a Fabric

Hopefully, you have a good idea of what color and pattern you want your chair to be. Don't forget to consider the texture of the fabric too, as well as other features, such as how well it resists stains. A chair in a busy family home with lots of pets and children requires a sturdy upholstery, while a sedate, formal living room can have more delicate fabric.

5. Decide How Many You Want

While a single accent chair can have a great deal of visual impact, a pair of chairs in a room can be stunning. If two accent chairs will fit in your seating arrangement it will give the room an elevated dose of style. It can also be very effective to put two identical chairs in different rooms of the house, pulling the overall decor together. 

Spice up any room in your home with an accent chair. Whatever style of chair you're looking for, you're sure to find the chair of your dreams at Club Furniture. We offer high-quality furniture that is handcrafted in the US, all at affordable prices. With our no-fuss 30-day in-home trial, you have nothing to lose, so go ahead and indulge yourself in a truly beautiful accent chair. 


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