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5 Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring

Apr 30, 2020
5 Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring

It's a time of new beginnings, and that makes spring the perfect time to give your home a design update. Leave the dreary feeling of winter behind with these easy changes to update and refresh your house. It's easier than you might think to take your home from feeling cozy to a fresh breath of spring. Here are 5 easy tips to help you get started.

Spring Refresh Tips

Adding a touch of spring to your decor doesn't have to be a complicated task. Small changes can have a bigger impact on your space than you may think.

1. Florals and Greens

Bringing fresh flowers and greens into your home is a classic springtime look. This can be as easy as putting a few sprigs of lilac from your garden in a vase or adding a florist's arrangement to fill a larger space. Don't overlook adding floral patterns to a room either. This can be done though pillows, rugs, curtains, or wall art. Botanical prints and designs, especially flowers, are a beautiful way to evoke spring. 

2. Update Your Colors

Another way to refresh for a new season is to update your colors throughout the house. Just a few small touches can make a big difference, so don't think that you need to buy an entirely new couch or all new throw pillows for spring. Even if you just change a few things, such as replacing a dark red candle on the shelf with a pale green figurine, you'll be surprised at how much it can lighten up the whole room. Look around for saturated, dark colors in your rooms and find ways to swap them out for light tones. 

3. Pack Away Heavy Blankets

To bring in a lighter, airier feel, put away heavy, chunky blankets. This goes for the bedrooms, naturally, because you don't want to sleep in the stifling heat of a blanket that's too heavy for the season. Also take a look at things like living room throws. You'll probably still want to keep a throw on the back of the couch for when you're curled up with a book and the air conditioning gets a little chilly, but pack away the fuzzy, thick lap blanket and replace it with an airy, lightweight one. 

4. Use Lightweight Fabrics

Lighter weight fabrics all around the house will also signal a change in seasons. Switch out dark, heavy curtains for lighter weight choices in gauzy silks, linens and sheers. Their floaty weight will not only look breezier, but it will literally let more light into your home. Even something as simple as swapping dark, thick kitchen towels for ones with a bright, light weave will give your house a refresh.  

5. Spring Cleaning

Finally, don't forget your spring cleaning. It may not seem like the most exciting way to welcome the warm weather, but it will be worth every minute of effort. The truth is that most of us spend far more time dreading this kind of task than we would ever spend doing it. So set aside a block of time, put on some energizing music, and tackle those cleaning tasks you never seem to get to. The payoff is much larger than the effort, and you will be able to enjoy the pleasures of warmer weather with a newfound sense of satisfaction. 

Spring is an inherently hopeful time, and it's a great time to bring some of that optimism into your house. You don't have to make huge design changes to feel the difference in your surroundings. So throw open the windows, breathe in the fresh air, and give yourself the gift of a spring renewal for your house. It's a wonderful way to truly appreciate the energy and beauty of this time of year.

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