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How to Find the Most Comfortable Sleeper Sofa

Jul 25, 2018
How to Find the Most Comfortable Sleeper Sofa

Finding the most comfortable sleeper sofa may not be rocket science, but it is one of the more challenging pieces of furniture to buy. There are many types of mattresses and various configurations, and all of them can have an impact on comfort. Before making a purchase, take some time to consider how your sleeper sofa will be used the most. If the primary function is a game room sofa that may not see much time as a bed, you’ll probably want something that offers more comfortable seating than the average futon.

If the sofa will be used more for sleeping, you’ll want to put more thought into the mattress and how the mattress is supported. Also, consider the space you have available to operate the sleeper sofa in. You don’t want to be rearranging an entire room to unfold your sleeper sofa when a surprise guest arrives. Let’s discuss some of the sofa bed options you might want to consider.

Types of Sleeper Sofa

Standard Foldout Sofa

The standard foldout is likely what you picture when you hear the term sleeper sofa. The mattress is supported by a canvas-like fabric that’s secured by springs on the side attached to a frame that unfolds from inside the sofa. The fabric and frame, when the mattress is removed, bear resemblance to a trampoline. Mattresses for this type of sleeper sofa are available in a few different options: all innerspring, all foam or innerspring with an air topper. The air topper mattress seems to take the lead for comfort among these configurations. The unfortunate downside to these sofa sleepers is that they do require more space because you need room to unfold the bed and support frame.

When sitting on a foldout couch, keep in mind that the cushions are sitting directly on the fabric support for the mattress. This means that the mattress itself is what provides the sitting support as well. A cheap, thin mattress isn’t going to give you the most comfortable experience whether you are using the furniture as a sofa or a bed.


Futons are the simplest form of sleeper sofa. They consist of a frame made of metal or wood with a mattress on top. This style features a simple operation. The mattress is both the sleeping and sitting surface, and the frame simply folds up to create a back and seat or lies flat to serve as a bed.

red futon

The wooden frames tend to be more comfortable because the supports are wider and flatter than those found on metal frames. This means that they aren’t as easily felt through the mattress.

Pullout Pop-Up Couch

The pullout pop-up sleeper sofa is a versatile choice because it can be used in multiple configurations. It operates by pulling the bottom mattress out from under the sofa. From here, it can be used as two twin beds or the bottom mattress can be used to create a larger bed. You don’t need as much space to pull out the bed since it has you sleeping parallel to the back of the sofa. And since it uses an actual mattress, the pullout pop-up style provides one of the most comfortable sleeping surfaces. Because you will be sitting on one of the mattresses when using this piece as a sofa, it has a firm seating surface.



daybed doesn’t function as well as an actual sofa because it is a single twin mattress in a frame that looks like a sofa. It is, however, a good choice when you need a spot for someone to sleep. The frame doesn’t have the cushioning of a standard sofa, so this style is great for a room that doesn’t see a lot of use for sitting. They are at the top of the list for best sleeping comfort because they use a real mattress.

Get the Perfect Sleeper Sofa

Choosing a sleeper sofa based on looks alone probably isn’t the best way to shop.  The way it looks in the room is important, but you want your guest to get a good nights’ sleep on the bed. We can all recall a time when we’ve gotten a terrible night’s sleep on an uncomfortable sleeper sofa. Keep that experience in mind when picking out the perfect sleeper sofa for your space. Shop our best-selling sleeper sofas today.

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