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6 Signs Your Living Room is in Need of an Upgrade

May 18, 2021
6 Signs Your Living Room is in Need of an Upgrade

It doesn't matter how timeless a look is‚ at some point or another, every room's design becomes outdates and needs an upgrade. This year, it might be your living room décor that could use some freshening up. How do you know for sure? Pay attention to these six signs and find out whether they apply to you.

1. Your style has changed, but the living room's style hasn't

You used to prefer the traditional style, but now you love the chic look that contemporary design can bring to a room. A room that reflects past trends isn't a room that matches your current personality. Consider updating your living room's design with a different style of  furniture and decor. Your living room should be a space that reflects your true style and personality.  

2. You can't remember the last time you bought new decor

It's not practical to buy new accessories every year, but going too long without a new piece here and there can cause you to feel bored with your outdated living room furniture styles. When the look starts to seem stale, freshen up your interior design with new throw pillows, different wall art, or a new decorative object.

3. You spend more time relaxing in the bedroom than you do the living room

The living room is supposed to be a space where you can unwind after work. If you find yourself choosing the bedroom or kitchen over the living room, it might be a sign that the living area could use an upgrade. Maybe the room doesn't feel as comforting or cozy, or the outdated style no longer aligns with the trends. If that's the case, give you space a boost with a new rug, or try incorporating a new color that you love into the room.

4. You can't watch TV for more than an hour without feeling sore

Your living room is already filled with stylish accessories; it's your room's furniture that's causing problems. Comfortable seating is a must for any living area, so take the time to find a living room sofa or accent chair that provides both style and support. You'll thank yourself the next time you sit down to watch a movie or read a book!

5. The room only appears well lit on a sunny day

The living room is a multi-functional room. While there are times when you'll want the room to be dim (when watching TV, for example), there will also be evenings when you'll want to welcome more light into the space. Along with an overhead light, be sure to add task lighting with lamps or wall sconces that set the mood but also add a decorative touch. You can even install a dimmer switch, which allows you to have more control over the room's brightness and enhance the ambiance of the space.

6. You avoid hosting company in the living room

If you're embarrassed to bring others into your living room, that's a sure sign the space is outdated and in need of a design upgrade. Your living room furniture styles should reflect the kind of space that makes you feel at home and you should be proud to showcase this space to visitors. Pinpoint areas in the design you don't like, such as specific styles or colors, and make changes to create a space you love showing off.

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