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5 Fabulous Home Decorating Ideas to Fall for this Autumn

Oct 30, 2017
5 Fabulous Home Decorating Ideas to Fall for this Autumn

As the days begin to grow short, the weather cools, and the leaves begin to change, we naturally crave warmth and comfort. Many of us welcome the vibrant colors and harvest by embracing our favorite fall traditions with pumpkin spice lattes, soft sweaters, and warm fires. We can mark this transition and bid goodbye to summer by decorating our homes to reflect the richness and warmth of the season we all love. With a little creativity, we can add some coziness to our living spaces with the following decor tips without having to spend much money.

Bring in the Outdoors

Fall is filled with color outside and bringing it inside will refresh and prettify our homes. We can achieve this easily and it comes with no cost: simply have fresh flowers, pumpkins, gourds, acorns, and colorful leaves on display. However, choose creative ways of showing them off. For instance, place our bounty in boots, bottles, or watering cans. If we want their gorgeous effect to last, opt for artificial flowers and foliage instead.

Update The Ceiling

Our ceilings don't have to remain white. A warm and contrasting color can really change the entire atmosphere of a room. Painting our ceiling is not as dramatic or expensive as having to repaint the entire room, which is a bonus. What color should you pick? According to Elle Decor, warm tan and muted canary are two examples that will look great and are the best colors of fall. Make sure to stick with muted or lighter shades, though. Anything too dark will make the room look smaller.

Embrace Window Coverings

As the temperatures head south, we will be thankful for window coverings that keep our rooms warmer during the winter. One simple way to add a pop of color and warmth to a room is by choosing curtains or drapes in a bold hue. Replace lacy or billowy summer curtains with insulated or heavier fabrics. This doesn't have to be expensive (you can find them at second-hand shops) and our efforts will give a room a cozier effect.

Another good idea is to install shades on the windows. Besides looking fantastic and adding a rich ambience to any room, these simple fall decorating ideas will also keep rooms warmer by reducing drafts and preventing precious heat from escaping outside.</span>


Sometimes just cleaning up our space can make it look fresher which, in turn, can be enlightening during the darkest days of the year. This fall, target all the clutter that weighs our homes down and prevents them from being light. Take a critical look at everything in our home and ask ourselves if it is beautiful and useful, or if it just takes space. Don't be afraid to get rid of it by having a garage sale or keep items out of sight with the use of storage (such as baskets). When the space has less, its best assets will be able to shine instead of being overshadowed by too much noise.

Give Your Fabric a Makeover

Although you might not be able to purchase lots of new bedding and cushions, this doesn't mean you can't give them brand new patterns and colors. Invest in new slipcovered furniture for your living room. These are easy and budget-friendly ways to make changes that update your home's style in a snap. You can also re-purpose old sweaters by fashioning comforting and warm pillow covers.

Changing your decor for fall is a wonderful way to make our living spaces feel warm, welcoming, and cozy. Best of all, it doesn't have to take a lot of time or effort. Small changes go a big way to make you fall in love with our homes this autumn season.

What tips can you share for decorating your home for fall?

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