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Why the Leather Wingback Recliner is the Best Library or Home Office Chair

Mar 20, 2023
Why the Leather Wingback Recliner is the Best Library or Home Office Chair

Few furniture pieces are as classically stylish as the leather wingback chair. Leather wingback recliners are an update on the original classic, and they are practical, aesthetically pleasing and work well with virtually any style. These winged wonders are versatile, sensible and they are especially well-suited for use in libraries and home offices. Whether you want to curl up with your favorite book or you need a comfortable place to sit when working at your computer, a leather wingback recliner is the perfect furniture choice.

Modern wingback chairs come in a wide range of styles, colors and designs. While they all have the classic wings that make the chair instantly recognizable, some have tufted backs, while others have different designs. They are available in several colors, and some feature modern curves and forms that make them fit perfectly with any décor.

What Is a Wingback Chair?

Also known as a wing chair and a grandfather, the wingback chair has been around since the late 17th century. These chairs feature side wings (sometimes referred to as “cheeks”) that partially enclose the sitter’s upper body. The wings usually end at the arm and were originally designed to protect the person sitting in the chair from drafts while capturing heat thrown from the fireplace.

what is a wingback chair

With a design that has remained popular for more than four centuries, wingback chairs are clearly versatile. While once confined primarily to formal living spaces, today, they can be found in any room of the home. Home offices, libraries, living rooms, dens and even dining rooms are suitable locations for these timeless and comfortable furniture pieces.

While the classic wingback chair is fixed in an upright position, there are also models that recline. Modern leather wingback recliners provide all the style and sophistication of the classic chair with the added comfort of a nice recliner, making them perfect for contemporary homes.

Modern central heating and improved insulation have eliminated the need for chairs that capture heat and block drafts, but the classy design of the wingback chair has made it a timeless piece that is just as suitable for modern homes as it is for well-preserved historical properties.

Leather Wingback Recliners for Home Offices and Libraries

When you are looking for the perfect seating solution for a home office or library, you are faced with a lot of options. You could go with a basic office chair, but it is unlikely to add much to the space in the way of style. An easy modern chair works well for libraries, but it doesn’t have quite the aesthetic appeal you may be looking for. When you want something stylish and comfortable with an air of sophistication, a leather wingback recliner is the perfect choice.

While most often associated with formal living rooms, wingback reclining chairs are well-suited to home offices and libraries where style and comfort are of the utmost importance. The commanding presence of the wingback chair makes it the focal point of any space, but that’s not the only reason these chairs are ideal for offices and libraries. Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing one of these chairs for your home.

Classic Style

The leather wingback recliner is a classic. It’s instantly recognizable, and it fits just as well in contemporary offices and libraries as it does in formal living rooms. The striking design is extremely versatile, and you can never go wrong with leather furniture. When used on its own, a leather wingback recliner serves as the perfect focal piece in any room. This classic recliner adds a sculptural form to any room, and it is an ideal choice when you want to add a touch of classic sophistication to a modern space.

classic style wingback leather recliner

While the traditional wingback chair is black or brown, they can now be found upholstered in nearly any color of leather imaginable. By adding a pop of color to a classic design, you can create the feeling of luxury and sophistication that comes from owning a wingback reclining chair and combine it with the color you love most.

Unparalleled Comfort

Few things are cozier than wingback chairs. The sides wrap around and cradle the body and snuggling down into one is much like wrapping up in a cocoon. While upright wingback chairs are the ultimate classic choice, recliners add another layer of comfort. Also, the wings come in different sizes. When you want to escape from reality and get lost in your favorite book, a chair with large wings is the perfect space for creating your own little world. When used in a home office, smaller wings allow you to comfortably converse with those around you. Or, if you need to shut yourself off from the rest of the family when working in your home office, a reclining chair with larger wings can make it a bit easier to tuck yourself away from distractions while working.

When you’re shopping for a wingback chair, look for one that’s upholstered in soft leather that feels amazing against your skin. While synthetic leather could save you a significant amount of money, splurging on the real deal is a must if you want the ultimate comfort. Few things are better than relaxing in a nice recliner at the end of a long day or even when you need to take a break from a project. A well-made leather wingback recliner ensures all-day comfort, and it’s also a great place to relax when returning home from a long day at the office.

Perfect Stand-In for an Office Chair

Office chairs come in a wide range of styles and sizes, but if you want something a bit different, a leather wingback recliner is an ideal stand-in. A wingback chair is an eye-catching companion to any desk. It looks impressively luxurious, and its curves provide an aesthetically pleasing contrast to the desk’s hard angles and lines. And as we mentioned before, they are comfortable. These recliners are a great place to park yourself while working, and even at the end of a long day, you’ll likely feel just as good as you did when you sat down. When looking for a wingback chair to use at your desk, be sure to choose one with armrests that are low enough to allow you to comfortably pull yourself close enough to your work.

If you meet with clients in your home office, a wing chair has a way of making your space appear classier and more professional. Even if you use video conferencing rather than meeting with clients or customers in person, a wingback chair serves as a much more impressive backdrop than a regular, low-end office chair.

Transforms Hard-to-Define Spaces

If you don’t have a dedicated library, a wingback chair is a good way to transform a hard-to-define space into your own personal reading nook. By adding one of these classic furniture pieces and a bookcase to a rarely used corner, you can convert once wasted space into your favorite area in your entire home. Since they have such a distinct appearance, wingback chairs are the perfect choice when you are looking to make a statement and create a space that is to be used for a specific purpose.

Wingback chairs also work well if your home lacks a dedicated home office space. A nice desk and a wingback chair can turn a corner in your living or dining room into a sophisticated office space. Plus, this type of reclining chair will look nicer with the rest of your décor than a traditional office chair or task chair.

Leather Never Goes Out of Style

Like the wingback chair itself, leather never goes out of style. It has been used consistently to upholster furniture for the last several hundred years. Back then, it was used to cover dining chairs due to its durability and because it doesn’t absorb odors like other types of upholstery. It was also used because it is easy to maintain.

leather never goes out of style

Today, leather remains a popular upholstery option for many of the same reasons. It’s much more durable than cloth, and it is easy to maintain. Modern leather is available in a wide range of colors, so whether you love the look of classic black or brown or want to add a pop of color to a space, leather provides the versatility you need. Since humans have been using leather to upholster furniture for more than 1,500 years, there’s a good chance that it won’t be going out of style anytime soon!

Exceptional Durability

When you invest in a high-quality leather wingback recliner chair, you won’t need to worry about buying another one in the near future. This type of chair is extremely durable and built to provide several years of use. From the leather upholstery to the wooden legs and frame, these chairs are made with materials that are known for their strength and durability. While other types of furniture may last you just a couple of years, high-quality leather wingback chairs offer the longevity you would expect from a piece of quality furniture.


Whether you prefer classical décor or something a bit more modern, a leather wingback recliner would make the perfect addition to your library or home office. Featuring a design that has been popular for centuries, this is one piece of furniture that has some serious staying power. These recliners come in numerous colors, and it’s possible to find models with modern touches that give the classic chair a modern flair. If you are in the market for comfortable, durable seating for your home office or library, a leather wingback recliner is the way to go!

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