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Product Spotlight: Why We Love Top Grain Leather Sectional Sofas

Feb 19, 2019
Product Spotlight: Why We Love Top Grain Leather Sectional Sofas

Leather has been a valued commodity since the earliest days of mankind, and for good reason. It’s comfortable, durable, and—of course—it looks great. Leather furniture lends an air of elegance to any room, and it never goes out of style. Whether you are a large family in need of a piece of living room furniture that is large enough to accommodate everyone or you love hosting guests in your media room, a top grain leather sectional sofa is a great way to go. If you have ever gone shopping for leather furniture, you’ve likely noticed that there are several different types of leather to choose from. Many retailers offer low-priced couches upholstered using bonded or split grain leather. Some also offer nubuck, bi-cast, or faux leather.

blue top grain leather sofa

When you want a leather sofa that looks and feels amazing and which will hold up to several years of wear and tear, though, top grain is the way to go. Top grain is one of the best types of leather you can get, and it is perfect for upholstery because it is soft, is durable, and has exceptional longevity. Here at Club Furniture, we offer a wide range of high-quality sectional sofas upholstered in top grain leather, and we think they are the best of the best. Keep reading to learn more about why we love top grain leather sectional sofas.

Top Grain Leather Furniture: What You Need to Know

Let’s start with the basics. What exactly is top grain leather, anyway? When a cowhide is cut, it is sliced into two layers—the top cut and the bottom cut. The top cut is where top grain leather comes from. Once the top cut has been removed, it is sanded and buffed to remove the outermost layer of the hide. This eliminates wrinkles, blemishes, and other perfections while making the leather thinner, softer, and easier to work with. The resulting top grain leather is smooth, durable, and perfect for furniture upholstery. Why are top grain leather sectional sofas so great? Let’s take a closer look.

Top Grain Leather Furniture Is Durable and Easy to Maintain

Many people fear to invest in leather furniture because they mistakenly believe that it is difficult to care for. In reality, top grain leather is one of the most durable and easy-to-maintain upholstery options available. High-quality leather offers unparalleled durability and longevity. In fact, with a bit of routine maintenance, a top grain leather sofa can last 10 to 15 years—or longer! Leather is significantly stronger than fabric. In fact, top grain leather upholstery is up to four times more durable than fabric upholstery. As a result, it is ideal for both parents and pet owners. It is not susceptible to rips and tears, and, rather than absorbing spills, it repels them.

leather vs fabric graphic

Top grain leather requires less maintenance than many people realize. Each month, you should use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to carefully remove crumbs and debris. Then use a damp cloth to remove dust. If there are any areas that are heavily soiled, you may also need to use a specially formulated leather soap.

You should condition your top grain leather sectional sofa annually. This prevents it from drying out and cracking. Aside from that, you just need to clean up spills as they happen. In many cases, they can simply be wiped up with a soft cloth. It does, however, pay to keep leather soap on hand so you are prepared for those more challenging spills and stains. Many people find that leather is much easier to keep clean than fabric upholstery. It offers exceptional stain resistance, and keeping it looking great for several years requires only minimal effort.

It Ages Beautifully

Like a fine wine, top grain leather furniture gets better with age. While fabric upholstery can start falling apart and looking dingy as it ages, top grain leather gets better and better. It ages beautifully and develops a unique patina or soft sheen on the surface as time goes by.

No two animal hides are identical, and each has its own unique characteristics. As a result, every top grain leather sofa develops its own unique patina. The patina is a sign of high-quality leather, and it does not impact the furniture’s longevity or detract from its value. In fact, since a nice sheen is a sign of graceful aging, it makes your furniture look even more beautiful as it gets older, and it can add to its value.

Top Grain Leather Is Extremely Comfortable

If you want a sectional sofa that is as comfortable as it is durable, top grain leather is the way to go. Despite being incredibly durable, it is also soft and supple. Over time, it just gets softer and softer. It feels buttery smooth against your skin and, unlike synthetic materials (like faux leather or vinyl), genuine top grain leather breathes. It also absorbs and releases moisture, so you won’t end up feeling sticky and uncomfortable.

leather body temperature quote

It is a common misconception that leather is cold. While this is true for vinyl and other plastic-based imitations, genuine leather responds quickly to your body. In fact, it takes on the temperature of your body within just 12 seconds. It may feel a bit cool when you first sit down, but it will quickly warm up to match your temperature. While fabric sofas tend to fade and lose their shape as they get older, leather wears in a way that just makes it more comfortable and inviting. Top-grain leather is one of the few materials that truly gets better with age.

Leather Is Practical

Compared to other upholstery options, leather is extremely practical. In addition to being easy to maintain, it is ideal for parents and pet owners because it can withstand a lot of abuse. While fabric upholstery traps dust, pet dander, and other allergens, these do not cling to leather. This makes it a much better option for allergy sufferers. When you wipe it down each month, you will wipe away the sorts of things that would make you sniffle and sneeze.

It Works with Any Type of Design

white top grain leather sofa

Whether you love the look of a traditional living room or you prefer a more contemporary design aesthetic, a top grain leather sectional sofa works perfectly. Leather is truly timeless and can be used to enhance the style of any room. Tufted leather sofas are perfect for formal living rooms, as are sofas with nailhead trim accents. For more modern spaces, there are sectionals made with contemporary design in mind. No matter what type of look you are going for, you can achieve it with a leather sectional sofa.

Top-Grain Leather Is a Good Investment

If the cost of real leather furniture is holding you back, keep in mind that the higher initial cost is only one part of the equation. High-quality furniture is an investment and, when you are dropping a significant amount of money on something like a sofa, it only makes sense to buy the best of the best. Genuine top-grain leather withstands the test of time much better than bonded and faux leather, as well as many types of fabric upholstery. This means that, while you will pay more upfront to purchase top-grain leather furniture, you will have it for a lot longer before you need to replace it.

leather sofa colors quote

You are also less likely to get tired of a top grain leather sectional sofa. While they are available in several colors to suit your preferences, the options tend to be more neutral than some of the fabric upholstery options. A bright pink sofa may seem like a good idea now, since pink is “in” for 2019, but will you still love it next year? Leather sofas come in neutral shades like brown, beige, gray, and black. Even the more colorful options—like red and blue—are subdued and have a timeless quality that ensures that your investment won’t go out of style as the seasons change.

Sectional Sofas Are Perfect for Every Home

We’ve discussed what makes top grain leather so great, but what about the sectional sofa itself? While many people think that sectionals are only good for large families, they offer versatility that is perfect for any home. When you buy from a good furniture company—like Club Furniture—you have the option of customizing your sectional. Rather than buying one that is pre-configured, and which may or may not be right for your home, you can choose from an assortment of pieces to get a custom sofa that is perfect.

With some models, you can even add a sleeper option. Whichever pieces you choose, they will lock together neatly to form one solid furniture piece. Choose a small sectional with a chaise if you want a spot to kick your feet up and watch the game—or invest in a larger one with several seats if you have kids (or dogs!).


When it comes to high-quality furniture, a top grain leather sectional sofa is the best of the best. Whether you have a large family, love entertaining guests, or just want a nice piece of customized furniture for your living room, den, or family room, you can’t go wrong with a leather sectional.

modern living room with light interior

At Club Furniture, we offer a wide range of leather upholstered sectional sofas. All feature 100% top grain leather and are available in multiple color options. Choose the pieces you need to configure a sofa that is perfect for your home, and we will do the rest!

All our products are custom manufactured right here in the USA using high-quality materials like kiln-dried hardwood, high-resiliency cushions, and the best stuffing materials—we even offer plush down seat upgrades to ensure the ultimate comfort. Browse our vast selection today, and don’t be afraid to reach out to us if you have any questions or require assistance.

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