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How to Update your Dining Room on a Budget

Sep 18, 2018
How to Update your Dining Room on a Budget

Formal dining rooms can easily become outdated and dull-colored. A dining room is a special place where we meet to enjoy our meals and catch up on how everyone has been faring throughout the day. It is a room we tend to neglect when conducting the house renovation. Updating a dining room is an undertaking which does not require a lot of money to implement. Here is how to facilitate eco-friendly dining room updates.   

Add an Accent Wall

Whether you would like to paint the walls bold or new or want to consider a modern wallpaper, if an accent wall is added, it will greatly redefine the appearance of dining space. The wallpaper and paint are very affordable and the process of application is also adaptable and easy to complete. This is an easy project where you can create a pivotal point without having to implement any other major renovation.

You need to begin by selecting the wall to accent. Generally, the accent wall is the first wall that welcomes any incoming individual in the room. This is the wall located at the farthest end of your door. Possibly, it is the wall which has no mounted windows or doors. This makes your accent wall stand uniquely without any intrusion. Therefore, you need not be afraid of making a statement since accent walls are meant to create a scenario in the dining room. You can also play around with patterns and prints in order to bring in some other metallic accents and also to design a gallery wall by use of family photos. Everything else will stand out when you contrast the wall accent.   

Go Eclectic

Coordinating all the features and elements in your dining room can be relatively expensive. You should not be afraid of using eclectic design in order to mix and match different styles and manufacturers. This allows you more freedom to bring together a design that will perfectly work for your budget. There are a few things that you should put in place in order to ensure the design stands cohesive.

eclectic dining table

Come up with a plan for your design before you start. Put together all your effort at the forefront to ensure everything is functional. You may also edit as you move on. Since there are so many elements of design, it might become somehow difficult to easily identify the functionality at its first look. Your best bet would be the removal of pieces that are less necessary until you gain a good functionality. You would also like to have a nicely unified room. Put efforts on finding details such as patterns, colors and shapes, which you can repeat in various features of the design. This ensures your design elements are intentional.   

Consider a Lighting Statement

Another simple method of sprucing up your dining room on a budget is the primary fixing of light for spectacular lighting features. Starting with huge pendants to make the most unique chandeliers, there isn’t any wrong aesthetic. You will be forced to choose a piece which feels authentic when it comes to your style. There are a few things that you need to follow to ensure the fixture blends nicely with the room.  First of all, you need to look at the room proportions. You have to know the size of your table and the room proportion. If your dining room table seats approximately 10 people, you may consider matching pendants.  Moreover, you should be exact on your lighting layer to ensure the source of light is not a single fixture. Consider including some ambient light in the form of recessed lighting and some accent fixtures in order to brighten the dark corners. Since a nice dining room has to do with ambiance, you should also consider a lighting fixture that can be adjusted into a dimmer.

modern dining room interior

Include Other Accessories

Accessorizing a room can be compared to mounting a cherry on a sundae and it really makes a huge difference. Make use of the available space perfectly because no one would want to have clutter–especially in a room meant to accommodate many people. A huge buffet is awesome, but only if space allows. Also, if you have adequate space, consider adding cabinets in your dining room. It won’t only add some style to your room but it can help you organize your dishes and glassware. There are various types of cabinet door styles available depending on your decorating taste and your room size. In case you don’t have sufficient room to work with, you can go for smaller accessories such as a simple, antique bar cart or a pair of leather accent chairs to really bring some elegance to your room.

Lastly, enjoy everything in your room. Your home needs to reflect what you like and who you are; therefore, never worry about infusing some personality in your room. Look for some glass bottles for decoration or paint cones with your children to fill glass bowls to use as the centerpiece.   


Therefore, anything you choose you will like. You can find downright fun in your dining room transformation. To give your dining room a makeover, you don’t necessarily need to break the bank since it is a budget-friendly task. The above-detailed methods should guide you on how to update your dining room economically.

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