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How to Cozy Up Your Living Space with Furniture

Jan 07, 2019
How to Cozy Up Your Living Space with Furniture

Whether you live in a mansion, a small apartment, or anything in between, one thing is for certain: You want a living space that feels comfortable and cozy. No matter how much space you have and what type of style you prefer, there are a lot of ways to give your living room the warm, welcoming feeling you crave. The best part? You don’t have to spend a ton of money in order to create a space that you will love coming home to every day.

Your living space should be warm, inviting, and versatile enough to work well for any type of gathering. Whether its family game night, an internet streaming  binge session, watching the game with friends, or an intimate cocktail party, your home’s living space should serve as an efficient and comfortable venue.

To help you get the most out of your living space, we’ve put together this handy guide on how to cozy up your living space with furniture. Sure, things like blankets and fluffy pillows go a long way toward making a room feel more comfortable, but, when you start with the right furniture pieces, it will be much easier to tie everything together into a cohesive and functional space.

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Invest in a Comfortable, High-Quality Sofa

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The sofa is the focal point of your living space. Typically, it’s the most important piece in the entire room, so you definitely do not want to skimp on quality. Start by determining your needs. Do you need seating for just a couple of people, or do you plan on hosting large gatherings or have a large family? If you have a large living room and want to provide seating for several people, a sectional may be the way to go. Available in endless configurations, sectionals are perfect for entertaining.

If you plan on hosting overnight guests, a comfortable sleeper sofa is a solid investment. Modern sleeper sofas are nothing like their 1970s and 80s predecessors. Today’s models are just as comfortable as beds as they are as sofas, making them ideal for turning your living space into a cozy spot for sleepovers. They feature high-quality mattresses and are designed to be extremely easy to set up and take down. They also come in a huge range of colors and styles, so it is easy to find one that is perfect for any space.

When you are shopping for a sofa for your living room, look for one that is constructed using high-quality materials. Models built using sturdy kiln-dried hardwood for frames are your best bet. While hardwood frames drive up the price tag, they result in couches that are durable and long-lasting. Sofas with plastic, metal, particleboard, or softer wood frames cost less, but they usually start showing signs of damage and need to be replaced within just a few years.

Also, pay attention to the upholstery. If you are thinking about buying a leather sofa, top-grain leather is your best option. It’s incredibly soft and cozy, and it is easy to maintain. It’s also extremely durable. If you prefer fabric, a slipcovered sofa is a convenient option that is especially easy to keep clean. There are also stain-repellent options that are great for families with young kids. Whatever type of upholstery you prefer, make sure it is easy to clean and durable enough to withstand years of use.

Pick Up Some Comfy Accent Chairs

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If you have enough room, adding a few comfy accent chairs can instantly make any room feel a bit cozier. Get a pair of wingback chairs to flank your fireplace, or tuck an oversized club chair in a seldom-used corner of the room to create a comfy reading nook. Adding accent chairs ensures that there is plenty of room for everyone to sit, and it makes any room look more inviting.

Like sofas, accent chairs come in a wide range of colors, styles, and upholstery options. For a timeless look, leather is always a solid investment. If you are looking for something a bit more modern and casual, fabric accent chairs and slipcovered accent chairs work well. When shopping for accent chairs, consider whether you want them to be focal points or you would prefer for them to blend in. If your living room is mostly neutral, adding a couple of brightly colored chairs creates an eye-catching pop of color that can give a room a cozy, modern feel. If you would prefer that they blend in, though, stick with neutral colors.

Add a Coffee Table or Large Ottoman

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When it comes to setting the mood for your living space, accent furniture like a coffee table or ottoman plays a larger role than you may realize. If you plan on using your living space for games, watching movies, or enjoying drinks, a nice coffee table is a must-have item. Look for one that screams “cozy,” and style it with accents like books, candles, and pottery. When you are looking for a coffee table to make your living room feel cozier, wood ones with dark finishes are a good choice. They have a much warmer appearance than metal and glass models, so they work better for making your home feel more comfortable.

If a coffee table isn’t quite your style, a large ottoman may be a good alternative. Leather and fabric-upholstered ottomans provide the perfect place for putting your feet up at the end of a long day, and, if you buy a large one, it can double as a surface for playing games or holding your snacks. Many double as functional storage pieces, making them great for storing cozy essentials like blankets and pillows.

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Incorporate Curves

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Rounded edges and curves naturally feel more welcoming than sharp angles. Whether you are shopping for new living room furniture or plan to repurpose pieces you already have, look for ones with curves. Round side tables are a good choice, as are accent tables with rounded edges rather than sharp corners. You can also incorporate chairs by adding a round rug or choosing a barrel chair as an accent rather than a more angular style.

Create Intimate Spaces for Two

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Nothing feels cozier than an intimate space that’s made for two. If you are decorating your living space for yourself and your spouse or you frequently entertain other couples, designing comfy nooks that are just right for two people is a great way to cozy up your pace. Two wingback chairs flanking an accent table, a loveseat, or a chaise with a back on either side will work well for defining these intimate spaces.

Build Your Own Library

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There is something about a library that feels warm and comforting. You can add that feeling to your own living space by installing bookshelves and loading them with books. Because bookshelves take up a lot of wall space, they work especially well in large living rooms where the furniture is pushed away from the walls. In addition to lining the shelves with your favorite tomes, you can add other décor like pottery, candles, photographs, or plants. Bookshelves serve as an ideal place for families to store their board games, too.

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Add an Area Rug

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If you have a hardwood or tile floor in your living space, adding an area rug instantly adds warmth and makes the room feel cozier. In addition to feeling warmer under your feet— especially on cold winter evenings—a rug visually warms up a space. Choose a thick, plush rug to add texture, or go with a patterned rug to add visual interest and color. Rugs can also be used in large living rooms to define individual seating areas. They can tie together accent chairs into cohesive seating areas or separate a reading nook or another area from the rest of the space.

Other Ways to Cozy Up Your Living Room

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Buying new furniture is not the only way to create a comfortable, cozy living room. You can also do so by adding the right accent pieces, such as large, soft pillows, fluffy blankets, and other soft accessories. Using family photographs and your kids’ artwork can also make a living space feel more comfortable and welcoming, especially when the guests you are entertaining are families.

Plants breathe life into a home and, when placed in your living room, they can make it feel more inviting. Whether you prefer tall plants or smaller ones that will fit on your coffee table or a shelf, they are a great way to create a more welcoming living space.

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Installing curtains or drapes can soften up a space, too. Layer them over your blinds for maximum privacy, and you will be able to adjust them to control the lighting in the room. The right accent lights can also make your room feel cozier. When shopping for furniture and accent pieces, look for warm colors. Repainting in warm hues will make your living space feel cozier as well.


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When you want to cozy up your living space, updating your furniture is a good way to get the job done. From large pieces like sectional sofas to smaller accent pieces like side tables, the pieces you choose go a long way toward setting the tone for the entire room. You can also make the space feel cozier by carefully selecting warm colors, decorating with pictures of your family, and adding soft accessories like blankets and pillows.

Whether you use your living space for curling up with your spouse and watching TV, playing games with the kids, or entertaining friends, it should be a space that is warm and inviting. With the tips listed above, you can design a space that suits your personal taste and feels cozy and welcoming every time you walk through the door.

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