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Turn Your Home Office Into a Guest Room With a Sleeper Sofa

Sep 19, 2019
Turn Your Home Office Into a Guest Room With a Sleeper Sofa

Hosting family and friends can be a blast, but setting aside an entire room for guests doesn't make sense when company comes only a few times each year. Fortunately, there's a way to provide a welcoming room for guests without having it take up too much space in your home. Simply turn your office into a guest room using a sleeper sofa. Along with a few additional decorating and design updates, a sleeper sofa can turn a home office into a guest room for friends and family with a few quick and simple updates.

One of the benefits of having a home office is that you have complete control over its design. While an office in a corporate building generally has room only for a desk, your workspace at home may be larger and have the ability to be a dual-purpose room. A comfy sleeper sofa bed provides a place for you to take a break or brainstorm creative ideas and also provides a comfortable bed for guests to sleep in. All you have to do is pull out the mattress to transform your office into a modern, luxurious sleeping environment for guests.

Decorating Ideas

To ensure visitors don't feel as though they are sleeping in a work environment, you can bring in a folding screen, hang up a curtain to hide your desk or simply hide your desk items in the closet. Before guests arrive, add a few inviting design touches to the space to make it feel more welcoming. Add an end table with a reading light and books and a cozy rug next to the bed to ensure your guests feel comfortable in your home. These are items that can easily be moved to other areas in the house after your guests leave.

You might be wondering why don't I just move the sleeper sofa from the living room to the office instead? The living area is already decorated to be welcoming and warm, and I need to have a couch in that room anyway. While you can certainly turn your living room into a guest space (many families do), this space doesn't provide as much privacy as a home office can. Guests who like to sleep in or have time alone to read or unwind might prefer a closed space all to themselves. Decide what makes most sense for your space, and if you do put the sleeper sofa in the living room, consider how you can give your company more privacy during their stay.

Whether it's the holidays or just a weekend visit, having guests stay in your home can provide a great bonding opportunity. To set up your home office space for guests, invest in a quality sleeper sofa bed that can easily transform any room into a comfy space for guests.

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