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Why Should You Buy a Crypton Fabric Sofa?

Jan 10, 2019
Why Should You Buy a Crypton Fabric Sofa?

When you are shopping for new furniture, the upholstery choices can seem overwhelming. Deciding between leather and fabric is an easy decision for most people, but then you still need to decide what type of leather or fabric you want. At Club Furniture, our living room sofas come in three different fabric upholstery options. We offer Tier 1 “Designer Style” machine-washable fabrics, Tier 2 “Designer Style” durable textured fabrics, and our Tier 3 “Designer Style” Crypton stain-repellent fabrics.

While “Crypton” may sound a bit like something from a science fiction movie, it is our top-of-the-line performance fabric for upholstering sofas, loveseats, chairs, and ottomans. So, what exactly is Crypton fabric, and what makes Crypton fabric sofas so special?

What Is Crypton Fabric?

Crypton fabric is a type of stain-resistant performance fabric that is perfect for furniture upholstery. Rather than soaking in, most spills roll right off of Crypton fabric due to its impressive technology. This revolutionary material repels pretty much every type of liquid—including oil-based ones.

When stains do occur, they are super easy to clean. All you have to do is blot up the excess liquid, spray with a cleaning solution of warm water and laundry detergent, gently scrub using a soft brush, blot away excess moisture, and repeat as needed. When you’re finished, rinse with plain water, wipe with a clean towel, and let air dry. It’s that easy to remove a stain!

What is Crypton Fabric

 Crypton performance fabric also blocks odors at a molecular level, so you will never have the misfortune of discovering that an unpleasant odor is originating from your couch. And don’t forget about comfort! Our Crypton-protected fabrics are made from cotton/polyester/rayon and acrylic blends that are super soft and feel just as nice as high-end luxury fabrics. However, unlike many of those luxury materials, Crypton stain repellent fabric is extremely durable and made to withstand a lot of use and abuse without wearing out. At Club Furniture, we offer Crypton upholstery in 30 colors and textures to ensure that there is one that is perfect for your home.

Who Should Buy a Crypton Fabric Sofa?

Anyone with Kids

Since Crypton fabric sofas offer the perfect blend of durability and style, they are the perfect choice for families with young children. Kids are notoriously hard on furniture. From spills, unauthorized art projects, and impromptu bounce sessions, there is a lot that they can do to damage your furniture. When your sofa is upholstered in Crypton performance fabric, though, the mess is only temporary. In addition to being incredibly easy to clean, the fabric is built to last and last for year.

If You Have Pets

A Crypton stain repellent sofa is also a good investment for anyone who has pets. Your furry friends enjoy snuggling on the furniture just as much as you do (whether you want them to or not), and, with a Crypton fabric sofa, you don’t need to worry about any messes they leave behind. Since the fabric has odor blocking technology on a molecular level, you don’t need to be concerned if it’s been a while since you gave them a bath.

Why Should You Buy a Crypton Fabric Sofa

The Entertainer

Love entertaining guests? A Crypton fabric sofa is perfect for you, too! When your couch is upholstered in this incredible fabric, you can serve coffee and red wine without a second thought. While you may cringe when your brother-in-law kicks his muddy boots up on the couch, you won’t have to worry about how you are going to remove the stain. Crypton fabrics can combat just about anything you throw at it, so it’s perfect for entertaining even the messiest of guests.

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Crypton Fabric Sofa

If you are looking for new furniture for your living room, you simply cannot go wrong with a Crypton fabric sofa. Whether you are single, a couple who enjoys hosting get-togethers in your home, a parent of kids or pets, or just someone who wants to invest in a high-quality piece of furniture that requires virtually no maintenance, a Crypton fabric sofa is the way to go!

At Club Furniture, Crypton performance and stain repellent fabric is an option on all of our Designer Style fabric and slipcovered sofas, sleeper sofas, and sectionals, as well as ottomans, accent chairs, and more. With more than 30 colors and textures to choose from, you are sure to find an option that is perfectly suited to your home.

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