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7 Tips for Furnishing Your Bedroom

Nov 18, 2020
7 Tips for Furnishing Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is where you begin and end every day. It's a place for relaxation, tranquility, and where you get a good night's sleep. Because this space stands so central to healthy living, it needs to be furnished to be your sanctuary. This is not the space to cut corners; to the contrary, this is a space to invest in bedroom furniture and décor.

If you are decorating and furnishing your room from scratch, the decision-making process can seem daunting. However, it is actually a wonderful form of self-care, and each decision reflects an aspect of your personality, lifestyle, and needs. Today, there is more choice and versatility than ever when it comes to decorating and furnishing your room—but how do you know where to look? From staple pieces to nuanced touches from accessories, follow these seven tips when furnishing your bedroom.

1. Choose the right size of furniture

Though we all dream of a California king-sized bed, the reality is that such a statement piece only looks good in a room with substantial square footage. Choosing the right furniture requires you to take a moment to measure all dimensions of the space so that you can make calculated decisions to fit everything you want in your bedroom comfortably. Your bed will most likely go on the biggest wall, and should be your first consideration for space.

Think about your needs. Are you someone with a large wardrobe? Then you'll need more space for hanging and storing clothing. Are you planning on placing a desk in your room? If you need to integrate a casual workspace, that's useful to know and plan for so that you can make a balanced floorplan.

And then it's time for the fun part. With the correct measurements in tow, you are free to explore your desired bedroom aesthetic. From color combinations to complementary accessories and accents, this is your chance to make your dream bedroom become a reality once you’ve nailed down the dimensions of your space.

2. Choose your bed

It's called a bedroom after all—so the first item to choose is undoubtedly your bed. As the room's focal piece, place some thought into the aesthetic you're trying to curate and how the bed can complement these interior design goals. There are many style and color options when it comes to beds. From leather, wood, upholstered fabric, and models with built-in storage capacity .Consider your preferences and your functional needs to hone in on some great beds that don't only have a look you want but allow you to sleep soundly at night.

When you are buying a bed, there is one critical consideration: durability. Beds are an investment, and many people consider it a lifelong investment. Whether that's true for you or if you may seek to sell it in a few years because of a move, the better condition your bed is in, the higher the value.

3. Choose bedroom storage pieces

Storage pieces are pivotal to a functional bedroom set-up, but they are easy to forget about. A nightstand or small table can help balance out the sides of your bed and provides a place for a lamp, or charging docks for your electronics. Dressers and armoires provide ample space for clothing storage and should be selected based on your storage needs. Don't underestimate your storage needs. It can become an issue if you don't have a place for all of your belongings and can make it more difficult to keep the space clutter-free.

4. Accent pieces

What's the secret to making a bedroom truly yours? By selecting accent pieces that reflect your room's aesthetic and design. Desks, decorative sitting chairs, and benches make great additions to make your bedroom comfortable and cozy and can add extra function while emphasizing your style preferences.

When thinking of accent pieces, try to keep simplicity in mind. While you might be tempted to deck out each corner of the room, you'll be surprised to find out that it significantly hinders your ability to move around the room. Ensure that you strike a balance between open space and occupied space by retaining functionality and aesthetic, without one of those two factors overpowering the other.

5. Bedroom accessories

There are no holds barred from incorporating your creativity when it comes to accessorizing your new room. A rug in a complementary color or a bright shade can make a statement and enhance the space's feel while adding functionality. But the real secret to maximizing your space is by the strategic placement of mirrors, which can make the room seem much larger than it is.

And don't forget about your bedding and pillows, which provide yet another opportunity for personalization and creativity. Consider using your choice of bedding as an opportunity for incorporating patterns and color contrasts to create a pop that draws the eye to the comfiest part of the room—your bed!

6. Furniture with smart accessories

These days, integrating your technology and smart devices with your furniture is no longer a luxury; it's a necessity. When you're looking at different furniture pieces for your room, see if they provide room for USB ports or outlets, or perhaps they incorporate those features in their design. Optimizing your living space to coexist with your wiring and digital tools simplifies your life and provides for hassle-free connectivity in your bedroom.

7. Create a nook

While your bed is wonderful for sleeping, consider creating a separate nook for other activities, such as reading, relaxing, or knitting. Whether you use a large pillow ensemble or bring in a chaise lounge or accent chair, your bedroom becomes even more versatile with these additions. This allows you to keep your bed separate from other daily activities, while remaining in the comfort of your bedroom.


Now that you have the know-how to decorate your bedroom to the nines, it's time to start planning. Create a list of items you would like in your bedroom, measure out your space, and consider visiting some inspiration boards for extra insight to optimize your fresh bedroom look.

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