Today's Leather Recliners Don't Look Like Your Dad's Old Recliner

Sep 22, 2015
Today's Leather Recliners Don't Look Like Your Dad's Old Recliner
Your dad loved his old leather recliner. It was comfy and always there when he needed to take a load off and unwind for the evening. You and the rest of your family, on the other hand, thought that worn, overstuffed chair was an eyesore. You remember that ugly piece of furniture well and because of that, you have avoided bringing any recliners into your home. What you don't know is that leather recliners have come a long way in recent years. Now, you can bring that same plush leather comfort your dad loved so much into your home, all while enhancing the interior's style at the same time.

Whether you prefer traditional, contemporary or modern, there's a sophisticated recliner design available to match your style. For a timeless look you'll love, consider a leather wingback recliner for your living room. The wingback style offers an elegant form and still envelopes you with amazing comfort and support. If you prefer classic traditional designs, tufted recliners are a great option. The tufted backs on these recliners enhance comfort and add eye-catching style to any space.

Do you delight in more simplistic designs? Update your home with a mid-century modern recliner or create a casual space with a contemporary design. These designs tend to be less bulky in form, feature clean lines and have fewer details, which surprisingly makes them stunning. Now you can recline and relax without compromising your chic taste.

Not only do you have more options in recliner styles, but there are many leather options to consider, too! Rich lustrous leather upholstery goes great in traditional, antique and mid-century modern spaces. If you are creating a contemporary space, consider a lighter tan to ensure you get the style just right. There are also numerous colors beyond black and brown to give your space an edge, such as a cool gray or bold red.

Don't let your past experience with recliners stop you from putting together a stylish and comfortable space. Today's recliners are both sophisticated and cozy, letting you experience the best of both worlds. So kick back and relax in a leather recliner designed in your exact style.

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