DIY Design: How to Create a Lasting Contemporary Look

Nov 21, 2016
DIY Design: How to Create a Lasting Contemporary Look
How to Create a Lasting Contemporary Look

Let's talk about contemporary interior design and where leather furniture fits into the grand picture. Contemporary design is technically defined as a compilation of various styles that are the most current at any given time. We go through phases and every few years the hottest current look will be seen everywhere from the pages of House Beautiful to Target's retail floor. For example right now white Carrara marble is seen in 90% of kitchen remodels, gray hardwood floors are exploding on Pinterest and new interest in Scandinavian style is popping up. We all want what we see that is blowing up on the pages of both virtual and hard copy habitat magazines.

Unfortunately for those who love contemporary styles, trends have a beginning and an end. You'll want to avoid choices that will look very obsolete in ten years time because good furniture is an investment. However, not everything considered as contemporary style will fade and look obsolete quickly, so learning how to make wise choices can be a cost saving habit to form. For example, chunky low furniture seems to be popular, but few rooms are large enough to pull this distinct look off. The lines can be bulky and awkward. However modern farmhouse is still raging and the chances of this style lasting are very well because you can toss a little fresh contemporary twist in with the classics. Gallery art walls have been hot for a while and the flexibility aspect of the concept guarantees that it will endure. Simple ledges mounted to the wall can play host to your kid's art work, photography, framed art and anything you can lean against a wall!

Decorate Like a Pro!

There are a few tricks that you can employ when you are constructing a room so that you can achieve contemporary status without building in obsolescence. From the flooring choice to the paint pick, take a step back from the color trends du jour and think more long term. Remember back to the Tuscan phase about twelve years ago when everyone was painting their walls deep reds, golds and olive greens reminiscent of Italian country life? What does that look like today? Dated and worn out. Consider instead some form of an enduring neutral color as the base of your palette. Think about khaki or a light tan. Test out a few cool grays or taupes and investigate enduring versions of brown. You will never go wrong with crisp white moldings and they will endure the test of time.

Into this empty shell we invite you introduce our contemporary furniture selections. Meet the Hayden Italian Leather Collection available in thirty distinct leather colors. We call it our Retro style and the entire series features a sleek arched end-panel arm. The style selection includes a sofa, loveseat, recliner, a lounge chair and ottoman. We additionally offer the Hayden in a Queen sofa bed that can perform double duty in your living room or home office, turning that room into an instant guest room. This series offers a modern tight back and what a lot of folks love about tight back sofas is that there is no fussing and mussing with back pillows. You never have to fluff up and press into shape the back cushions after using your piece of furniture. In particular, families enjoy this convenient result of the design. In many ways, this is another style element intrinsic to contemporary furnishings: No fussing.

Function Meets Fashion? Check.

Another way to make a durable plan is to guarantee function. Think about the option of introducing a swivel chair with very simple contemporary lines that will carry on for years regardless of what changes you introduce around it. Swivel chairs are terrific in rooms with views that compete with a flat screen TV. Here you see the Lilianna Slipcoverd Swivel Tub Chair that is able to spin 360 degrees. You can take in a baseball game and turn to see the sunset out of the sliding door or pivot to enjoy a fireplace that might be built in at the other end of the room.

An enduring idea that's been around for at least the past two decades is that of using a leather ottoman as a coffee table. It's fun and it's definitely a very current concept in interior design furniture layouts. Most people find the leather surface easy to care for and often a counterpoint to a fabric covered sofa arrangement. Today we use them a little differently than some sixty years ago when they were mostly paired with their identical matching lounge chair. Sometimes the size of an ottoman choice is such that it can only function as a table, because it is so large. In other instances where you select a smaller dimension, the ottoman can be re-purposed as auxiliary seating when you have a crowd over. Sometimes an added bonus is that the table offers a hidden storage compartment thereby guaranteeing that you will want to keep your piece forever.

The Felix Contemporary Leather Cocktail Bench Ottoman is an example of our most fashion forward offering with a blind tufted top and no buttons. Our sporty top stitching and decorative exposed wood rail below the seat sets this piece off as a fashionable standout. The dimensions are useful in front of a sofa or sectional arrangement at 51" wide x 31" deep and 18" high. Note that the seat height is perfect for sitting.

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