5 Motivation Strategies To Help Kids With Their Homework

Oct 06, 2015
5 Motivation Strategies To Help Kids With Their Homework
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After spending all day in class listening to their teachers lecture, it's no surprise that your kids would rather sit in front of the TV than do their homework at home. But homework is a part of every student's life, and the endless battles between you and your kids about studying is starting to wear everyone in the family down. To motivate your kids without fighting, try these simple strategies instead. A different approach may be all you need to set your kids on the path for success.

1. Set up a productive work environment

A study area that minimizes distractions is a must. Set up a homework station away from the TV to help them study efficiently and therefore finish homework more quickly. Task lighting, a supportive chair and a spacious desk promote productivity and allow students to concentrate.

2. Establish a routine<!--more-->

Whether it's before dinner, bed or school, set a designated time for studying each day. Your kids know when they work best, so let them choose the time. You might find that your kids prefer relaxing for a while before doing homework or would rather get up earlier in the morning to study.

3. Give them something to look forward to

When they've got a big project to work on, your kids might be more motivated when you offer a reward. It could be a family outing or a small treat like ice cream. While students shouldn't expect a reward each time they study, every once in a while it can give them an extra boost of motivation.

4. Provide the freedom to fail

It's common for homework battles to become a struggle over control. In the end, you want your kids doing homework because they want to do well and not because you continue to nag. If they simply won't do their homework, let your kids suffer the consequences in order to teach them self-discipline.

5. Get involved

Giving your kids more freedom doesn't mean you need to be totally out of the loop. You can get involved by asking your kids what they're learning at school. Not only can you help them with their homework when needed, but sharing ideas about a particular assignment can increase your kids' interest in the topic.

Homework battles are a struggle almost all parents have to deal with at one point or another. Try a new solution to motivate your kids by utilizing one or more of the five ideas above.

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