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A living room is truly the place where we enjoy our home. It's a place to watch TV, read, play games, entertain, and eat. Most people favor rooms that provide multiple functions for their lifestyle and while fashionable, can be somewhat practical. In smaller homes, micro-units or apartments, the living room furniture has to out- perform most normal demands. Typically in smaller spaces, furnishings must help the living room double for a guest room at times. Club Furniture offers many flexible, practical and quality pieces that will become the anchor of your room. Bottom line: We make a wide range of styles and pieces of furniture that respond to a myriad of furniture layouts. Our fabric and leather options are plentiful so there is something to please everyone.

What makes Club Furniture so special? For over 20 years our reputation has been based on delivering quality North Carolina made furniture at factory direct prices. We take pride in the fact that 95% of our product line is made here in the USA. Often referred to as the “Furniture Capital of the World,”™ High Point, North Carolina, is home to the largest home furnishings market in the world, the High Point Market. “Made in America,” is something we proudly offer as member of the longstanding and well-established North Carolina's furniture industry. Club Furniture stand behind our product and offers satisfaction guaranteed. When you peruse our online catalog you will appreciate the variation, custom options and attention to detail. How are we different than high-end retailers like Restoration Hardware®, Pottery Barn®, Crate & Barrel® and Ethan Allen®? Our product line is stylish and made according to recognized industry gold standard, yet our prices are fair and do not break the bank. We even offer “white glove” delivery service to your home. Your order ships anywhere in the lower 48 contiguous continental United States via free "White Glove" in-home delivery. This means we will bring the living room furniture into your room and set it up. Anyone who has ordered through an interior designer realizes that the freight and local delivery charges can be up to 15%-25% of the cost of an item.

You will be inspired by the appealing style range proudly offered by Club Furniture for your living room furniture arrangement of choice. Many pieces are available with custom upgrades and all come with a respectable choice of fabric upholstery, leather, or casual slipcovers. Start with natural fibers such as cotton and linens for a organic feel and more casual look. There are a range of rayon/polyester cobble cloths or polyester/acrylic/nylons for a tough cut velvet that delivers practical sophistication and texture to your ensemble of living room furniture. Some of our linen slipcovers are conveniently machine washable, so be sure to check for that feature. All of our Tier 3 “Trending” fabrics are machine washable and offer a variety of notably durable Crypton® stain resistant fabrics that are perfect for realistic daily use. Complete instructions on spot cleaning is offered. Be sure to ask for a small sample of the fabric choices before you order so that you can match it correctly to paints or floor coverings. We want you to be 100% confident in your selections and pleased with your order.

Our complete line includes sofas, sectional, sleeper sofas, chaises, ottomans, apartment size sofas, accent chairs, classic lounge chairs and relaxing recliners. Remember that the first step in building a comfortable and memorable room is to get the size of your pieces just right. Interior designers refer to this part in the decorating process as “scale”. What does this mean? Scale is the relationship of one piece of furniture to the entire space or room. When you have a smallish living room, you do not want to position a seven foot sofa in that space. It will overpower the room. Instead, look for a more petite option. Hunt for an apartment size sofa or loveseat instead. It’s important to remember the space that you’re working with rather than what is in a magazine. Conversely, if you have a very spacious twenty foot living room with high ceiling, you can opt for larger pieces of furniture. A large room can accommodate a huge rolled arm style and an oversized recliner or lounge chair.. Our multi-tufted Thurston Chesterfield Style Club Chair at 42” wide and 32” deep is a great choice. The 40” square Porter Tufted Ottoman or the larger 48” round Ives is the leather ottoman for a large space. Larger rooms can handle larger pieces of furniture. Understanding the fact that no matter how much you might like the idea of a certain piece of furniture, if it does not fit perfectly, it just isn't the right piece for you. Interior design success is built on just that:Getting details just right! That is why we are so focused on offering a preselected array of product that is guaranteed to work in a multiple of instances.

An equally important step in the interior design process is getting the “look” to be cohesive. Again, this does not mean that all piece must match. Instead, it means that your goal should be planning a well balanced display. You need something to anchor the room and then pattern, color, texture and variation that will make the space sing with interest. There are many opportunities for individual pieces of furniture and coverings. Each piece of furniture will have an arm style, base details, and choice of upholstery. Look at those details and determine if they go together as either counterpoint or as accents. For example, if you have living room furniture that is primarily contemporary in feel what would our Mils Mid-Century Modern chair look like in the space? Maybe if you hang a Modern tapestry or a framed modern art piece over your fireplace, a sophisticated look would tie together. Alternatively, you can start with basic Mid-Century Modern anchor sofas and add in an Impressionist painter framed poster and woven baskets with live plants as accents.

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