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White Sleeper Sofas

If you are searching for a sleeper sofa that will add an extra dose of style to your home, consider white upholstery. Nothing says sophistication quite like a white sofa. When you’re looking for a white sleeper sofa, Club Furniture is here to accommodate you. If you are searching for a sleeper sofa that will add an extra dose of style to your home, consider white upholstery. White is an unexpected shade that will set your decor apart from the ordinary. It's an elegant and timeless look that adapts to any style

Why Should you Choose a White Sleeper Sofa?

Although white is an ideal neutral, there's nothing boring about it. Some neutrals can look bland, especially if the whole palette of the room is in a similar tone. But even pastels are vibrant against white, and darker shades have dramatic visual impact. 

It can be difficult to add new furniture to existing decor and be certain that the pieces will work together. But a white sleeper sofa is easy to put together seamlessly with many kinds of design. It's more adaptable than most colors, and white furniture can be styled to tie into a wide variety of looks. 

Choose Your Sofa Bed Style and Shade of White

One of your first decisions after establishing space requirements will be choosing the sofa bed style that speaks to you and your sensibilities. For instance, you may prefer a slip-covered cottage look to match your beach house or perhaps the clean simplicity of the modern element provides a soothing respite where you go to recharge. You might have decided that you want a white sofa, however, as with every other color, there are different shades of white to choose from. The Mason Slipcover Queen Sleeper Sofa, for instance, is available in a variety of white tones from a stark snow white to a soft creamy white. We suggest ordering a free sample of a few upholstery colors you are interested in to ensure it matches your space cohesively.

How to Style a White Sleeper Sofa

Accessories on a white sleeper sofa give polish to the design. The simple, uncluttered nature of white upholstery gives you plenty of room to play around with throw pillows. Choose a few colors to bring in from the rest of the room and add a fun range of texture. For example, a satiny pillow next to an embroidered one is a luxurious and inviting look. 

White sofas look great next to just about any other color furniture. Consider the contrast between the different pieces to be sure you get the look you want. Furniture in softer, more pastel tones will look restful against white. If you have pale colors that you don't want to be overlooked, grouping them with white will make them stand out. Darker shades against white create a striking look. 

Throw blankets are another great choice to tie your white sleeper sofa into the rest of the room. A wide expanse of unbroken white can look a bit stark but toss a soft throw casually over the back or arm of the couch, and it creates a relaxed and welcoming look.

When you're choosing colors for the blankets or throw pillows on your white couch, be careful not to match it too closely to the rest of the room. If your decor is mostly blue, for instance, choose a secondary color that enhances the cool tones. A subtle and elegant look is a shade of green or gray in a similar tone. Whatever your primary color is, the right secondary color will make it sing.

High Quality Sofa Bed Features

We begin the process of creating your white sleeper sofa bed with a kiln-dried hardwood frame. It immediately creates a solid structure that’s durable and will sustain the balance of the piece without warping. We then add the guaranteed no-sag steel spring structure that continues to support the body by attaching to the frame with padded clips. This will ensure your guests get a good night’s sleep. Once the base is established, we create the seat cushions from a 1.9 density HR foam that’s wrapped in dacron. The cover on each cushion is removable by simply unzipping it, so you can easily clean them necessary. Each sleeper mattress, regardless of size, is fitted using our standard 5-inch innerspring design. You may also choose to upgrade to the 5-inch Cloud Contour memory foam option for added comfort. Your overnight guests will feel pampered and welcomed with either choice. 

Once you’ve finalized all of your specifications for your dream white sleeper sofa bed, Club Furniture will deliver on its promise to bring you a well-made investment that’s both durable and satisfying. Our goal is to make you smile each time you enter the room and see it. We take pride in employing highly skilled craftspeople at our facility in North Carolina because because that's the only way to ensure a high-quality piece of furniture.

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